Happy Pig

So Bubba hit a new phase last week.  I think we’ll call it the Repeat Two Words Over and Over Until Mommy Loses Her Mind phase.

Nana has a pig.  A singing, tutu wearing pig.  The pig was a birthday gift from an equally eccentric family member.  At first Bubba was terrified of the pig, probably because it’s almost as tall has he is, and he accidentally met her eye to eye right outside the bedroom door while in a post-nap stupor.  Creepy pig.  Poor kid.

The pig eventually won Bubba over when he realized that she does, in fact, sing his most favorite song, Happy BirthdaySo now he will sing/dance along with the pig as many times in a row as Mommy can stand.  But always from a distance.  Someone else must push her “butt”…that’s Bubba for “button,” of course.

When I got home from the Grand Canyon, it didn’t take him a but short while to start talking about the “Happy Pig”.  But when Happy Pig comes to mind, it’s somehow not enough to mention her just once or twice.  I think in Bubba’s mind you must repeat a phrase at least twenty times in a row for your audience to know the passion that is felt for a certain subject.

The only tiny problem with this particular current object of his affection is that it’s very hard to distinguish whether he’s talking about the pig or showing off his other latest trick: learning to spell his real name.  Context clues are key here.  So far he’s only got the last three letters down, but either way, they both sound like this:

“I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P, I-P-P…”

No less than 20 times in a row.  Every time.

Again, poor kid.


Bubba’s Dictionary

The following might prove useful if you find yourself in a conversation with Bubba in the near future…

wawa  noun  1.  a transparent, odorless liquid for drinking and taking baths   2.  any liquid which comes in a cup

kakuh  noun  1.  Wheat Thins  2.  any snack item which, when opened, makes the distinct sound of a crinkly package

teetee  noun  (Alt. Pronunciation:  ditder)  female sibling

moe  noun  an additional quantity, amount, or number:  Moe wawa.

kew  noun  1.  an institution of learning      interjection (slang)  2.  repeated after Mommy or sister to express approval or admiration

ewww  interjection  used to express disgust when touching or viewing something icky

chews  plural noun   hard foot covering that must immediately be removed upon entering a vehicle

cox  plural noun  soft foot covering that must immediately be removed upon entering a vehicle

wok  noun  1.  a family outing involving the stroller  verb  2.  to escape from the grasp of parents’ arms and roam free:  Wok?  Wok?

no  adverb 1.  a negative used to express refusal, as in response to a question or request  noun  2.  the part of the face used for smelling

cheep  noun  a warm-blooded vertebrate with feathers and wings

pees  adverb used (when required) as a polite addition to commands or requests:  Moe wawa pees.

nanuh  noun  1.  paternal grandmother  2:  a tropical, yellow, cylindrical fruit

uhoh  interjection  used to make an intentional action seem unintentional

ah uh ewww  interjection  a term of familial endearment said upon parting ways