Bubba Turn

Bubba has this super cute cyber buddy who writes a great blog.  Drakeson is a whole year younger than Bubba, so I figured Bubba shouldn’t have too much trouble giving it a try.  When I asked him if he was up for blogging about his day, he agreed.  Actually, he said, “Bubba turn!”

I have posted his dictated words first and then the translation for those of you still learning Toddler Talk.  I do a lot of translating these days.

Eat Mommy.  Bar.  Applesauce.  Bubba pickle.  Bubba oatmeal.  Cake no like it.  

Mommy slept in all the way until 7:00 or something.  Lazy bones.  I had to beg her to get up so I could eat.  She needs lots of reminders.  At first I asked for my usual cereal bar and applesauce.  But then I remembered it was Saturday, and we sometimes eat special things on the weekend.  So I asked for pickles and oatmeal.  I don’t really like pancakes.  Even when they put chocolate chips in them.  Pancakes are for big people.

Mommy shoes on.  Walk.  Mommy car.  Stroller.  Big water.  Night night.

After breakfast Mommy put on her running shoes, not the flip-flops that she usually wears.  I know this means we are going for a walk.  Together we drove to Percival’s Isle where I didn’t get to walk…I had to ride in the dumb stroller.  I was hoping to stay awake to see the river where you go over the second bridge, but Mommy’s friends just bored me right to sleep.  They talk too much.

Mommy car.  That one. That one.  Eat Mommy.  That one.  Sister seat?  Home.

When we got back in the car, Mommy called Daddy to tell him we had to go to the store.  Something about a care package for a friend at summer camp.  I don’t know what care packages or summer camp are, but she sure got a lot of cool stuff.  I kept pointing out other good ideas for her, but she didn’t really like my advice.  I again had to remind her to feed me, so I got goldfish out of the deal.  I asked Mommy a bunch of times where Sister was.  All she said is that shopping is easier without Chica.  Something about not having to answer a million questions.  FINALLY she took me home…shopping took forever.

Eat.  Night Night.  Elmo’s World.

This is what I do every afternoon.  No news here.

Bubba shoes on.  Walk.  Sister play. Wilson?  Willlllllsonnnnn?   Look.  Have it.  Welcome Mommy.  Apple.  Apple yucky.  Bubba apple?  Mommy apple?  Deer apple.  That way.  Slide.  Bubba do it.  That one.  Ant.  Swing.  More.  More.  That way.  Up.  Welcome Mommy.  Hug.  Home.  Eat applesauce.  Wilson?

IMG_0382This was obviously the best part of my day…totally worth putting my shoes on for.  Mommy took me on a walk without Sister because she was playing with our neighbor friend.  This meant I actually got to walk and not have to ride in that stupid stroller.  It also meant me and Mommy could talk.  I never get in a word when you-know-who is around.

First I asked Mommy if she knew where Wilson was.  That’s my friend’s cat.  She didn’t, so we tried calling him, but he didn’t come.  When we got to the top of the street, I asked to look at the magnolia tree like Sister always does.  Mommy got me one of those dried up flowers to carry.  I thought about how cool Mommy is, and I told her thank you without even being asked.  Mommies like that stuff.

We found these little apples between our street and the park, but Mommy says they are yucky.  She wouldn’t let me eat them, and she wouldn’t try them, but she said the deer might.  I knew she was trying to distract me with the apple talk when we walked past the street the park is on, but I didn’t let her get away with it.  Once we were in there, I tricked her and said we should go swing, but really I was thinking about the slide the whole time.  She actually let me go down the slide by myself, but she sure didn’t look like she was having as much fun as I was.  Mommy gets all panicky and jumpy around that slide.  She told me to ask Grandma about it.  I’ll ask her tomorrow.

We played on the wooden playground, rode the tire swing together, and then I tried the baby swing just to make Mommy happy. She was right.  It was fun.  Mommy took a lot of pictures, but I think this is the only one that shows how fun it was.


When we left the park, you know what she let me do?  She let me walk on the high wall outside the old school building just like Chica always does.   I think this means I’m big now.  I told her thank you again because she was being so fun.  Ok, nevermind.  I really just wanted a ride on her shoulders.  This was a long walk.  Then I got tired of riding on her shoulders, and thought that if I asked for a hug, she would just carry me regular.  It didn’t work.  By then I couldn’t wait to get home and eat applesauce.  I didn’t see Wilson when we got home either.  I’m starting to get worried about that guy.  Do you think he’s still my friend?

Boogie-woogie sunshine.  Bubba shoes on.  Sister ice cream.  Mommy ice cream.  Daddy ice cream.

I did my usual stand-up sit-down comedy routine after dinner.  I wonder how long they’ll laugh at the same old material.  Then something weird but wonderful happened.  I had to put my shoes on AGAIN because we were going out for….wait for it……ice cream!  Even though Daddy got me my own this time, I still tried everybody else’s.  I wonder how long I’ll get away with that too.  In the end I shared mine with Chica because I was full on all the other kinds.  Mommy pointed out how nicely I was sharing, and Sister said something about about flies and honey and vinegar.  What the what?  Girls are so weird.

Bubba bed.  Sister read.  Belly book.  Mommy night night.  

I wasn’t very tired when Sister started reading to me tonight.  What’s up with her trying to put me to bed this week, huh?  Anyway, she read my favorite, the Belly Book, and a bunch others.  But I just wasn’t tired, so Sister had to get Mommy.  Then they both helped me go to sleep.  Bonus.

Hmm….I wonder if I play my cards just right, if I can get all three of them to put me to bed tomorrow night.  I think I’ll give it a try.

Chica Challenge

IMG_0104Today was the first real day of summer vacation.  It was quite glorious.  All day I had planned to write about our adventure to the Blackwater Creek Athletic Area and how much fun we had once I got over myself and let everyone trudge through the puddles. But this evening our get-out-of-the-house-so-daddy-can-work walk gave me a new idea.

If you spend any time at all with Chica these days, you’ll quickly learn that the questions are  never ending.  Many times I find myself serving as her walking dictionary.  Take, for example, this exchange, after a motorcycle sped past us….

Me:  Man….did you see how fast he was going?
Chica:  Why was he going so fast?
Me:  He was trying to show off.
Chica:  What does show off mean?
Me:  When you do something just to impress someone.
Chica:  What does impress mean?
Me:  When you do something just to get someone to think how special you are.

Sometimes the questions are fun like, “What does that tree look like to you?”  It was covered in kudzu.  I said a dragon tonight, but she always thinks camel.  Other times the questions are just completely random.  “What’s the difference between your heart and your spirit.”  Really!?!  I gave it my best shot, then told her to ask her Nana later.

But tonight we ended our walk with three different questions that she wanted me to look up on the Internet.  She’s never quite satisfied with, “I don’t know,” and she won’t let you forget that you didn’t know either.  So while she took her shower, I scoured Wikipedia and other semi-reliable sources to get her answers.

(Can I just digress for one tiny second and point out that I have a kid old enough to finally bathe herself with no help except turning on the water and opening the shampoo bottle?  This is fantastic.  Ok. I’m done.)

If you’ve made it this far, I’m hoping you’ll humor me and take the Chica Challenge.  Just check out the questions below, and then think of how you would have answered her BEFORE you read my answers.  I’ll give you a score at the end.

1.  Is this spit or eggs?

Spit or eggs?

2.  What’s that green stuff growing on the rock wall?


3.  What part of a honeysuckle flower can you eat?


Ok….have your answers ready?  Good!  Read on…

1. She was sure it was spit, and I was sure it was eggs.  Turns out she was closer to the right answer than me. The froghopper, also appropriately called the spittlebug, is a bug that coats itself in a foam made from “frothed-up plant sap” when it’s in the nymph stage.  This covering hides it from predators, helps regulate temperature, and keeps it moist.  Tonight we did poke one of the spit piles with a stick to see what would happen, but we weren’t expecting to find a bug inside.  Maybe we’ll go back again tomorrow to see if we can find one.  They are apparently amazing jumpers who can jump 100 times their length.  Cool!

2.  My best guess (lichen) actually turned out to be the right answer, but I had no other information to give her.  I learned that lichen is actually two organisms working symbiotically–a fungus and an alga.  The alga produces the food through photosynthesis, and the fungus feeds off of the alga.  Chica had guessed that the green stuff was algae, but it turns out the alga is actually more like bacteria than algae.

3.  On our first walk today I pointed out honeysuckle to Chica and let her smell it.  I have strong memories of being just about her age and walking by a wall of honeysuckle on my way to our neighborhood pool in the summer.  I mentioned to her that there was some part of the flower that you could taste, but I had never tried it.  We read this together tonight, so you can bet we’ll be stopping at every honeysuckle bush we pass tomorrow.

So…how many of Chica’s Challenges did you know?
Zero–You are Chica Challenged.  You should probably go watch some Wild Kratts.
One–You are a Chica Charmer.  Don’t worry, this was my score too!
Two–You are a Chica Chief.  Was it the spittlebugs that got you?
Three–You are a Chica Champion!  I’m coming to you with tomorrow’s questions.

How about you?  Did you learn anything thanks to your kids today?  I’d love to hear it….leave me a comment!

Spittlebug froth  © nordique  | Flickr Creative Commons
Lichen on rocks, Wayside, E of Prineville, OR  © Martin LaBar  | Flickr Creative Com.
Honeysuckle © Nicholas Roche | Flickr Creative Commons

My Week From A to Z

Art Show:  My students’ recycled materials art was featured in a real-live art gallery this weekend during First Fridays.  They were a true hit, and we had so much fun!

Breast Cancer:  Two young women in my life, both with young kids, have gotten this diagnosis in recent weeks.  Many thoughts going their way.

Compliment:  Earlier this week I read my students a prize-winning poem that I wrote in high school.  When I was finished, one student chimed in and said, “Mrs. Proffitt, you’re a better writer than <The Other Teacher> is at math.”  I’ll take it.

Doughnut:  On our surprise two hour delay Friday, I decided to head to school at the normal time to get a little extra work done.  At some point during the morning, this announcement was made, “Attention staff, if you are here this early, you deserve an award.  I have some doughnuts I bought for a meeting this morning that ended up being cancelled.  Come get one!”  You better bet I was there.  See J.

Explosions:  I’ve had just about enough of Bubba’s bodily fluids this week.  Sheesh.

Field trip:  Planning is underway for our fourth grade overnight trip.  Bring it.

Grandma:  She totally saved the day, or two, this week.  She spent Thursday and Friday with Bubba.  See E.

Hundredth Day:  Ruth and I have been planning a celebration that will bring our students’ together…mostly so we have an excuse to work on a project together again.  Check out our silliness in the video we made to introduce the day’s activities to our students.

iTunes:  When Jay’s accompanist cancelled at 6:00 a.m. this morning, iTunes saved the day.

Jeans:  When you only own two pairs of jeans, and one begins to not fit, it’s time to do something about it.  (I type with a candy cane in hand mouth.)  See W.

Knee surgery:  Chica’s nana had a knee replacement this week.  She’s one tough cookie.  See W.

Laughter:  My students continue to crack me up.  This week I was trying to get them hyped for converting fractions into decimals with a fake “crime” they had to solve.  “When you finish your warm up, come get the evidence sheet and you’ll be on the case!”  Which was followed by, “Mrs. Proffitt….is this is real case or like a worksheet case?”  I couldn’t help but laugh.

Mouth to mouth:  Bubba has a recent fascination with kissing, except it’s more like he’s trying to resuscitate you.  Not sure what to do about that….

Newspaper:  In my endless attempts to entertain a 14 month old, I recalled a memory of making tubes out of rolled up newspaper as a kid.  Bubba enjoyed hitting things with them, and Chica pretended they were her old woman cane.  See Y.

Outside:  Chica and the neighbor kid have spent much of their evenings and weekend exploring the woods beside our house.  It figures that she would finally realize what fun it is to play outside on one of the coldest weeks of the year.

Post:  This week my friend Cheryl wrote, “I want to go into great detail and tell you how great things are these days, but for now, I’ll be brief, because brief is better than waiting for perfection and then not posting at all, right?”  Thanks for the reminder.

Quiet time:  I need it.

Randolph College:  Many Sunday afternoons I head to the library for my very own paper grading party, and today was no exception.   While there, I noticed the birds’ nests in the huge vines climbing Main Hall, a book written in Spanish that I wish I still knew how to read, and General Jones’ interesting choice of attire.   I still love that place.

Spelling Bee:  I had two bee the judge this weak four are school be.  Talk about pressure!

Twin bed:  Bubba has suddenly graduated to the big boy bed, but we have yet to take down the crib because of its effectiveness as a threat.

Underwear:  Chica was wearing none (nor pants) when she came to the top of the steps to greet a school friend of mine that stopped by yesterday.  That kid.

Valentine’s Day:  I am so thankful for room moms who plan these things for me.  Two years ago I didn’t even know what a room mom did.  I’m very blessed.

Weight Watchers:  In preparation for her surgery, Nana jumped back on the bandwagon and lost a bunch of weight.  Between her inspiration and J above, I think I’m almost ready to jump back on too.

eXtra Money:  This week in the mail I received my award for the video contest.  I decided I wanted to actually spend it on something good instead of just rolling it into the same pot for food, gas, etc.  My best ideas so far are dinner out and a night at the Craddock Terry with Jay or treating a few friends to a “Girl Day”…maybe painting pottery and going for ice cream.  We’ll see.

Yes, it worked!:  Most ideas I find on Pinterest require way too much planning and forethought, but occasionally I find one that is simple enough for even me to carry out.  Today I gave Bubba a pile of clothespins and a big, empty apple juice container.  The biggest indication that this was a hit:  I was able to load the dishwasher without stopping while he was in the same room.  Miracle.

Zzzzz:  Is it time for bed yet?

© Davosmith  | Flickr Creative Commons

The Weekend: Guest Post by Chica

Today Mommy told me she has a blog.  She said she writes stories to put on her blog for everyone in the Internet to read them.  She said that one time Bubba wrote a story on the blog, and this girl writes blogs, and she’s only two I think.  So if they can do it, I know I can.  I’m four.  I’m going to tell you the story of my weekend.

Saturdays are supposed to be family days, but sometimes we just end up going to boring places to do adult stuff.  This weekend we didn’t really do that.  We did family stuff.  In the morning we walked to the park.  At first there was no one there, but then all the kids must have knew we were there cause they all came.  Mommy said I was bossy to my new friend Emma, but I don’t think Mommy really knows how to play if you’re four.

I pretended the Splash Park was on and I let another kid babysit my baby while I played.  Bubba went down the slide.  Then Mommy got a phone call and we had to quick go to meet her friend.  I hate it really don’t like it when we have to leave playing.  Mommy says I can’t say that h word.  Other people say it.  It’s not the end of the world, Mom.

Oh, I forgot something.  Before we went to the park, Daddy was teasing me funny.  Me and Mommy were trying to make a dress for My Little Pony out of paper.  We keeped my door closed so Bubba won’t mess up my stuff.  Daddy and Bubba started rolling stuff under my door.  It was a marker.  We rolled it back, and he rolled it again, and then we changed the color of the marker.  Later we sent Daddy a note under the door to please give us a baggie so we could clean up some stickers.  Do you know what he did?  He gave us a bag that he cut out the bottom.  But I didn’t know it.  So I put the stickers in and they came out the other hole.  Daddy laughed real big, and I did too.  Eventually.  Then Mommy sent the tape and the bag back to Daddy under the door.  And Mommy laughed this time.

So when we got back from the park I played with my neighbor friend.  Mommy said I couldn’t write his name.  I don’t get the big deal.  It’s easy to spell.  On the way to the park I told Mommy that I am going to marry him.  Her eyes got real big, and she changed the subject.  Later we were playing in my room and she wouldn’t let me close my door.  I don’t know why.  She sighed real big.

Today I went to church.  Me and my Sunday School teacher played dress up.  He’s fun.  He told me about a girl whose daddy thought she was dead but she was just really sleeping.  She didn’t really die.  Jesus woke her up.

I went to Nana’s house like we always do after church.  I ate a lunch I didn’t really like and didn’t take a nap and I watched a movie.  Then I went with Nana to feed Casey the cat.  I didn’t really much get to play with her, but I got to give her food and water.  This was the first time she rubbed against my legs.  Casey is a girl name but Daddy says it can be both.  Here kitty, kitty!

Tonight we read another chapter in Little House on the Prairie.  We’re almost to the part with the Indians.  I like Indians.  And I think they are going to build a house, Laura and Mary and Pa and Ma.

When we were about to pray, Mommy told me that Mrs. Bulson went to heaven yesterday.  At first I was really worried that we didn’t get to show her the movie that my school made.  Mommy said she did show it to her, and she gave her a CD.  I asked, and Mommy said she didn’t take the CD with her.  I won’t get to see Mrs. Bulson again until I go there to heaven.  Heaven has lots of flowers and two fountains.  That’s what I picture with my eyes.  I told Mommy that.

I guess I have to go to bed now.  I tried to tell Mommy that I haven’t stayed up late yet while I’m four, but she said it was a school night.  I asked about tomorrow.  She said maybe Friday.  How many days is that?

Good Night.

Love, Chica

P.S.  Wanna know a secret?

Boogie Woogie Sunshine!

Slow Down. Be Still.

There are less than two weeks until I go back to school and three weeks until the students start.  My heart rate raises a few beats just thinking it….and a few more putting it into writing.

I feel so tempted to count my summer as over.  My planning, worrying, people-impressing self says I need to be getting ready for the school year now.  I should be organizing my classroom, scouring Pinterest for back to school ideas, and figuring out what happened to Pluto so I can be ready to teach about the planets.

The truth is that I have tried already.  Yesterday I took Chica to play with her friends at her old school, and I enlisted a few of my friends to help me get started on the disaster area that is my new room.  Bubba had to come with us, and he made it completely clear that he wasn’t satisfied unless I was holding him.  We made some major progress, but there is an embarrassingly huge amount of stuff still left to be done.

But at the same time that my heart rate rises, I seem to be hearing a small voice telling me to be still.

Slow down.  School hasn’t started, and the summer is not over.  No need to mourn it now.  EnJOY the time with your sweet family that you have left before the busyness of school takes over.

I’ve been blessed with some slow moments this week already.

Yesterday I took Chica and Bubba to the park while Jay did the grocery shopping.  After swinging, sliding, and pretending, we were headed home for what was sounding like a potty emergency.  It turned out to be a false alarm (I’ll spare you the explanation I was given), so we wandered back into the park a second time.  Chica had The Colors of the Wind tune stuck in her head, and she just stood under a tree singing, making up words for what she couldn’t remember.  We discovered these really funky seed pods and enjoyed popping them open together, one after another.  Nowhere to go, nothing we had to do.  Just plopped down in the middle of a field being together.  Slow.  Still even.

Today we had a repeat of the hike we took at the beginning of the summer.  The whole time she kept asking me, “Member this?” when she’d see something that triggered a memory from our first trip.  On the way back, she got distracted by a sandy patch of ground, of all things.  She must have sat there for nearly ten minutes just drawing designs in the sand with her fingers.  If you had seen her you might have thought either A) She must be a nature deprived child to be that enthralled with dirt or B) You’re definitely going to have to cut those nails tonight!  One part of me wanted to hurry her up.  We had planned a library trip and swim after what was supposed to be a quick hike.  That small voice, however, reminded me it was okay to just be still, so I let her be.

I’ve had my fair share of still and slow moments with Bubba lately too.  I’ve finally decided, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  If I can’t get him to nap in his own bed, but he will sleep in my arms in the recliner, then…well…why not?  Both Sunday and today I took those opportunities to nap, something I rarely do.  Today instead of thinking of all the things I could’ve or should’ve been doing, I tried to think about how much I will miss snuggling his hot-potato self when he’s fourteen (or even four maybe).

I’m hoping these next two weeks will be slow, filled with many more still moments.  Even more, I’m hoping I can carry a little of the stillness into the school year.

Guest Post: Jay Talks Vacation

Thanks, Jay, for sharing the real story about why we are here….


This year for vacation, we are spending a week in Charlotte, NC.  Yeah…I get that look from a lot of people when I tell them our vacation plans.  We are staying in a very nice little house on Lake Wylie, just outside of Charlotte.  Now for the good part.  We picked Charlotte because it is the home of the 2012 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships.  Really.

Eight months ago, my brother took me out to play a round of disc golf.  I was really no good.  Now, eight months later, I’m marginally better.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, disc golf is a sport played much like golf.  Instead of using clubs and a ball, you use a variety of small, flat, heavy Frisbees (or discs, thanks to Wham-O).  You throw these discs at metal baskets adorned with chains.   Aside from these differences, the two golfs have very similar rules.

This week, the best players in the world are here in Charlotte playing disc golf. I’m not talking about a bunch of stoners hanging out and throwing a Frisbee.  These guys are really good.  I’ve watched Ken Climo, Dave Feldberg, Will Schusterick, Valerie Jenkins, and Paige Pierce.  What?  You don’t know these names?  These people make up the Dream Team of disc golf today.  I’m talking Jordan, Byrd, Johnson, Barkley, and Ewing here.

I came to the largest disc golf tournament in the world to watch these professionals and learn how to play better.  It is truly amazing to see what these people can do.  An added bonus to learning from the pros was meeting the pros.  For the most part these people are like you and me (except they are really good at disc golf).  They have jobs, and disc golf is a well paying hobby.  This makes them more accessible than most professional athletes.  Sure there are divas in the bunch, but most of them are really cool and easy to talk to.  Being able to talk and joke with the top players has made this experience even better.  My best piece of advice this week was, “You can’t start off throwing like these guys.  You have to learn to be smooth first.”  These pros are great at what they do, but at the same time, it’s good to see that they are real people and can slam their disc into a tree just as well, if not better, than I can.

This has been a great, if unusual, vacation.  I won’t be playing in the World Championships any time soon, but it’s a great place to get the inspiration to become a better player.


What Jay didn’t tell you is that he is already busy grooming Bubba for the 2030 World Championships.  Check out the mini disc he got this week.  

Somewhere To Be Peaceful

“Are you going somewhere to be peaceful?”

These were Chica’s words as she hugged me goodbye for the third time yesterday.  “Well, yes, I am,” but I hadn’t really thought of it that way.  Turns out she knows what she’s talking about.

Yesterday was time for the biennial Tracy and Taylor’s Excellent Adventures.  Installment one of this sibling fun was Memorial Day two years ago when we climbed Mt. Rogers, Virginia’s highest peak.  That adventure included getting lost in the predawn hours, spotting a just-born wild foal and its mother, and two bear sightings, all before lunch time.  I was pretty sure that this year’s trip wouldn’t leave us with such good storytelling material, but I couldn’t wait, nonetheless.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, we headed to the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte.  We started our morning off with a raft ride through Class II, III, and IV rapids in their manmade river.  This was one of those times where I tried to force myself to see the bigger picture.  “Open your eyes, soak it all in,” I told myself.  Instead I spent most of the time focused on the paddle in front of me and my feet tucked firmly under the seat.  I really didn’t want to have an “out of boat experience.”

Since we were already soaked, we decided to try out the stand-up paddle boarding next.  Taylor and I were both surprised at just how difficult it was.  If you want to get anywhere fast, paddle boarding is not the sport for you.  If you try to paddle quickly, you’re going to either tip over or veer too far left or right. So unlike rafting, we took in the big picture, stopped twice for a swim, made jokes about feeling like we were floating the Amazon, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Yes, Chica, we were able to be peaceful here.

After lunch we attempted their 40 foot climbing wall.  Feeling quite confident and cocky, I stepped right up to tackle climb number two, a climb the guide described as medium difficulty.  I was struck right away with just how small the handholds were.  Since we were using an auto belay, there was no stopping to take a break like you can do if a person is belaying you.  If you let go, you’re coming down, pride and all.

Right there on the wall I thought of Chica.  I get frustrated when she chooses a puzzle, game, or book too easy for her abilities.  I always try to push her to the next challenge.  This medium wall was definitely the next challenge for me, and I was crumbling under those feelings of “it’s too hard.”  I’ll try to have a little more grace next time when she wants to sit comfortably with what she knows she can do.

Our final two adventures were the Mega Zip and Mega Jump.  Possibly the most exciting part of this was watching the rafting from up above while we waited in line.  We saw at least four rafts tip over, giving everyone on board a chance to practice what they had learned about the out of boat experience.  “Lay back, point your feet downstream, and absolutely do not try to stand up.”  Watching it happen so many times in a row actually made a tiny part of me wish it had happened to us.  Spilling out of a raft in a Class IV rapid might possibly be more exciting than a bear sighting??

Though physically tiring, this day was oh-so-peaceful.  I had one mouth to be responsible for instead of three.  The questions I got were easy ones like, “Where are you from?” and, “Have you done this before?”  There was no one to fight over naptime.  Being a mom is awesome, but sometimes you need some time away to remember just how awesome it is.  Spending that time away with great company makes it even better.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Want to hear the joke about pizza that our raft guide told us?

Ahhhh….nevermind….it’s too cheesy.