Enough is Enough

Three days of dishes in the sink.  Twelve days of laundry scattered around the house.  Equal amounts of trash toppling from trashcans.  No fun excursions planned today….just repairing our house from the whirlwind week-plus of single mommyhood since Daddy’s been gone.

Though these past nine days haven’t been brought to you by any certain letters of the alphabet, they have been brought to me by a word.  Enough.  This word has been swirling around me, taunting me in some moments and reassuring me in others.

So while I had found a craft project to occupy Chica, I was attempting to fold and sort the laundry that had overtaken the extra bed in Bubba’s room.  I was hoping he’d sit on the floor and be entertained by my stellar folding skills, but he wasn’t impressed.  He obviously had had enough of being ignored and whined his grunty whine until I picked him up.

Oh, I love the way you hold me, by my side you’ll always be
You take each and every day, make it special in some way
I love the way you hold me, in your arms I’ll always be
You take each and every day, make it special in some way

I love you more than the words in my brain can express
I can’t imagine even loving you less

Lord, I love the way you hold me

With these words playing on the radio, Bubba and I momentarily forgot the mountain of laundry and began dancing around his little room to the catchy tune.  Now I know these words are intended to be sung to the One who really holds us every day, but Bubba’s toothy grin made me think that this is what he wants from me.  Hold him, be by his side, and make each day special in some way.  His smile said to me, “Enough.”  No fancy Pinterest inspired sensory bags or baby music classes needed.  A silly dance around my room, arm in arm, that’ll be enough, ma’am.

I am trying so hard to understand what it looks like for Jesus to be enough for me.  His grace is sufficient, immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.  His power is made perfect in my weakness.  I can spout off these truths with ease, but enough is enough….I’m ready for them to make their way from my head to my heart.  Jesus, be my enough.