Member That Sunday?

Dear Chica,

Member that nearly perfect summer Sunday when you were five?

Member how Bubba didn’t sleep at church or on the way home so it worked out for ALL of us to nap after lunch?  In our own beds.  At the same time.

And member our full-family wrestling match in Mommy and Daddy’s bed when everybody woke up?  I liked the part when Daddy cracked up because Bubba did his “Ahhhhhhh Bubbaaaaa” battle cry.

Member how you and me and Bubba went berry picking in the neighbor’s yard?  I think you decided you liked berries that day just to prove me wrong.  You were good at finding the dark ones.  Bubba was good at repeating the words dark and light, but I don’t think he really knew what that meant, do you?  Member how he insisted on us giving him berries, and then he just licked them and threw them down?  That Bubba.  I fell for it every time.

IMG_0356 IMG_0366 IMG_0355

splashin'Member how we got so hot we decided we had to go cool off at the splash park?  Well after a while, nobody could get the water to turn back on, so we decided to leave.  We were pretty lucky that those other fountains downtown were going, don’t ya think?  I had fun watching you and Bubba weave in and out of them together.  It actually looked like you were having more fun there than at the real splash park.

Member how Bubba ate more of my dinner than his own?  Never mind, that’s every night.

Member how we drove all the way to the mall for our after dinner walk, only to remember once we got there that it was Sunday and the mall closes early?  I think our plan B turned out more fun anyway, though.  We took our mall walking to Target and zoomed in and out of the aisles.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget how we each walked down different aisles at the same time, racing each other to the end.  You giggled good and loud every time you ran into Daddy.  Daddy doesn’t usually let us be so loud when we are at the store, but I guess it was okay tonight because you were laughing at him.

I member that the night ended perfectly with you helping me fold a basket of laundry and (mostly) reading me two Elephant and Piggie books.

Pretty much the only imperfect part that Sunday was what Bubba had to do in the morning to get me out of bed.  After trying to drag me out and begging, “Mommy, eat!” he resorted to another, more creative, plan.  Member how he took his diaper right off and peed a great big puddle at the foot of my bed?  It worked.  I got up.

Nope.  I don’t think I’ll be forgetting that.