If You Drop Your Bun

The following is an actual social story I wrote and delivered this morning:

If you drop your cookie dough Cinn City cinnamon bun face down on the wet front porch, this will make you sad.





If you are sad, this might make you want to beat your head against the wall in your room.





If you beat your head against the wall, it will hurt, and you will get a consequence.





However, if you are sad, you could also choose to do something else to get your mind off of the sadness.  You could take a nap, you could put together a puzzle, you could draw, or you could play Legos.






If you do one of those things, soon the sadness will not feel so bad.  You will feel better, and also Mom will be proud of you for making a good choice.





When you feel better, you might change your mind and decide it will be fine to eat the cinnamon bun that was face down on the wet porch.






And if you decide not to eat the cinnamon bun that was face down on the wet porch, I know your dad would like to have it.







And in case you’re wondering….

Thankfully he didn’t go back to the head banging.  He chose to put together a Star Wars puzzle instead.

And, he ate the cinnamon bun himself, of course.