Summer Week 3

Days 15 – 18

Check out my post about camping here.  We had such a good time I decided to share it early.

Day 19 Book Club

Today was the first day of our Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had book club.  I left feeling so encouraged by this group of educators.  We shared our math stories with each other because the first chapter was all about how our own experiences as math students impact the way we teach.  Many of our teachers struggled through math at some point in school, and I am SO PROUD of them for sharing their experiences and striving to create something different for their students.  I can’t wait to see our growth as a school next year as a result of the work they are each putting in this summer.

Day 20 No Jump

Our house is a mess.  I’m pretty sure it’s been a mess since the beginning of February when every single spare minute I had was devoted to course work and I Love Math Day.  I never recovered.  The kids have been asking me for play dates, but I refuse to invite people over until we can regain a little order.  Yesterday I laid on the “nobody ever helps me, so we might not ever have friends over again” pretty thick, and the little people finally seemed a little interested in helping.

At the same time, Bubba got invited to go to Jump this morning with a friend.  I decided to make a list of jobs that he had to complete in order to get to go.  To make a long story short, he whined and worked at a snail’s pace, he didn’t finish, so he didn’t get to go.  And then he got mad….the kind of mad where it was looking like he might hurt himself or break something, so I actually called Jay to come home from work as reinforcement.  It took that kid 14 hours to finally stop whining and finish, but he did tonight at 7:30pm.

Bubba is stubborn, but I’m stubborner.

Day 21 Put the Seat Up

I posted this sign yesterday for obvious reasons.  So. Over. Pee. On. The. Seat.

But then something unexpected started happening.  At random times of the day, that little booger hands me quarters.  Each time I’m like, “What’s this for?  Oh yeah….the toilet seat.”  I was thinking I was going to catch him and have to make him pay.  Instead, he just pays up on his own.

I can’t decide how to take this.  Perhaps he waits too long and is in a rush, forgets, reads the sign mid-stream, and gets me the quarter in remorse.  (Each time I accept his quarter, I can’t help but think, “Please tell me you washed your hands this time!?!?” )  OR….is he playing me?  Part of me wonders if he could care less about a few quarters.  He’s just stubborn enough that he might refuse to put the seat up and pay the quarters because he doesn’t care.  We’ll see….

In other news, the house is finally presentable enough for having friends over, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

2 thoughts on “Summer Week 3

  1. That’s an amazing group of dedicated women!
    Poor Bubba. Sorry he didn’t get to jump.
    Happy for everyone things are caught up!

  2. It’s a struggle of every mom with boys. I made David start cleaning the toilet before I cleaned it. He was disgusted. He’s gotten much better. There still a little pee on the seat but not enough to warrant two cleanings. Lol. Good luck my friend. He’s turns 13 in August and finally gets it.

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