Lessons From a Violin Concert

Dear Chica,

I underestimated you.  Forgive me.

Tonight was the night of your first Suzuki Marathon Festival.  Despite the struggle it was to help you and Bubba quietly endure many, many minutes of sitting and listening, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hope it was the first of many.

As the songs got shorter and so did the players, we all were anticipating when they’d flash that Lightly Row poster.  Even Bubba.  The moment finally came, and up you waltzed behind that red curtain, violin tucked under your arm just like you’ve learned.

Only problem was, you kept on waltzing in your signature Chica way.  Right onto the stage.  Two songs too soon.


Your daddy and I panicked a bit for you.  We were absolutely sure that you would lose it as soon as you realized everyone else was playing a song you didn’t know.  We both pictured you running off the stage and melting into a puddle of tears.  I tried hard to catch your gaze, ready to wave you back off if you looked my way.

But you never did.  Girl friend, you faked it.  Beautifully.

You faked it so well that for a minute I thought, “Maybe she knows that song after all. Maybe this is the one they’ve just started, and she knows more than we all think she does.”

But no.  You had no clue, but nobody could tell.  You just rolled with it.  We underestimated you big time.

Afterwards, as we got in the car, I told you again how proud I was of how you had handled yourself.  Can I just remind you your priceless response?

“Well…what was I supposed to do?  I would have looked like a fool if I had run off the stage.”

Sometimes you are so wise.

So, Chica, let me just go ahead and fill you in on the fact that this certainly won’t be the last time that you may want to run, but it will often be best to just fake it:

Your first real soccer game.
Tryouts for the school play.
That job interview you thought you’d never land.
Your first day of your first job.
Your entire first year (or 5?) of being Mrs. Somebody.

Oh…and without a doubt…that day they wrap a pink little baby up in a blanket and tell you you’re actually allowed to take her home.  That day I can guarantee you won’t know the song.  Don’t run.  You’ll look a fool.  Instead, just copy those around you that are doing it well.

Nobody will know.  Well…maybe I’ll know because I’ve been there.  But you’ll fool the rest of them.  I’m sure of it.

I love you,