(Under the) Bed Inventory

Tonight I banished my family from the house so I could clean.  It’s that bad.

As I was wrapping up my five minutes in Bubba’s room (check here for some unsolicited cleaning advice), I decided to check under his bed.


So as I literally raked stuff out from under his bed, I couldn’t help but think of memories of this day, almost 2 years ago exactly.  The bathroom scale?  Really??

Lest Bubba may feel left out one day without his own bed inventory, here ya go:

My favorite pair of maroon flats that are too painful to wear all day at school.
A singing Eric Carle book.
Four juggling balls made on Craft with Daddy day.
A real baseball.
Jake and the Neverland Pirates flashcards that I thought I had discarded.
A cork.
Two of Chica’s socks and one of Bubba’s.  None matching.
A string.
A Kohl’s $2.20 price tag.
Twelve wooden blocks.
A wipes box.
Sunglasses that fit no member of our family.
A pink fireman’s hat.
My old flip phone.
Bubba’s name tag from the church nursery.
A walking chick.
A reminder to, “Brush your teeth,” that probably no one followed that day.
Two gummy wrappers.
Pieces from a dish that Bubba threw against the wall and broke one day during a tantrum.
A lion.
A duck.
Brown Bear.
A bubble blower.
Olivia’s car.
Various drill bits.
A whistle.
The Magna Doodle triangle that cannot stay with that toy to save anyone’s life.
Some strange McDonald’s toy.
Two marbles.
A dime.
A bead.
A car from IKEA (which happens to be one of my top 5 favorite toys ever).
And an eyeball.

_MG_3767You better bet I’m not making that mistake again during the five minutes in my room.  Ha.

P.S.  You know how you get that place in the middle of your back where you can’t reach an itch?  There’s that same kind of unreachable spot in the middle of a bed that’s on carpet and won’t slide.  There’s more to this list, but it’s staying put for now.  Oh well.