77 Things

52 e-mails to answer.

20 parent-teacher conferences for which to prepare.

5 stations to plan.

2 kids not to forget.


Tonight as I hoisted Bubba out of the tub, we had the exact same routine as we always do at the end of bath.  I shake him off over the tub, plop him on the fuzzy blue carpet, and rush to wrap him up before he tries to hug me to get warm.  Then he says, “Jump? Jump!” begging me to hold out my hands so he can jump higher and faster.  I don’t know what it is about the towel and the carpet, but together they make the most perfect condition for jumping in his little mind.

And then it struck me.  He won’t always be almost two and needing a hand to jump after bath time.  I won’t always wrap him up and call him “Taco” as I throw him on the bed and shower him with kisses.  Before I blink he’ll be five, getting himself out of the tub, and waiting for me snug under the covers.  And when he’s five or nine or twenty-five, will I remember the jumping and the taco?  No.  I most certainly won’t.  Not unless I write it down.

So though I have 77 things to do, I decided this must happen too.  First.  I must remember to remember.

*Remember that Bubba says that he and Daddy visit Beepo Home.  You know?  Home Depot, of course.

*Remember that nine times out of ten, if Jay picks Chica up from school instead of having her ride the bus, they go get ice cream.

*Remember that Bubba will always prefer anything on my plate over anything on his.

*Remember that Chica couldn’t quite grasp the idea of the school fundraiser.  All week she’s been talking about creating things to sell so that she could meet her 3 item goal.  No matter how many times I try to explain that we are to sell the stuff in the catalog, she just doesn’t get it.  I’m just rolling with it at this point.

*Remember that Bubba’s internal alarm clock sends him into our room nearly every day at 4:55.  We mindlessly lift him up and into the warm spot between us.  We press snooze, and usually get at least 15 more minutes of sleep for all of us.  Then it


*Remember that since Bubba’s internal alarm clock wakes us all up at 4:55 and again at 5:10, that we are tired.  So tired that when I try to write a blog post, I fall asleep mid-sentence.   And in the morning I have no idea what I was going to write next.

*Remember that falling asleep mid-sentence means that not even one of the 77 things got started.  But I’ve decided that being well rested is probably worth more than accomplishing 77 things and being grouchy.  Oh….and I got 5 of those things done in the shower this morning. Only 72 to go.


1 thought on “77 Things

  1. So one more thing to remember. Chica is learning to write. This morning she saw me writing and asked what I was doing. I tried to explain to her what a blog was. “Is it like Facebook?” was her response. Well…yes….sort of. Anyway, she wanted to write something for me to post on my blog. So this morning here’s her post. Disclaimer….I think she’s writing to a dinosaur….not a boyfriend. At least I hope.

    I like to dac. HE is my fred. Plees be my fred. I lik uoy. I wut uoy. Uoy re a dinsore. I need uoy. Do UOY like me.

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