Ten Things I Didn’t Learn As An Education Major

  1. How to gently break it to your husband that you won’t be home for any Thursday night in October.
  2. How to carefully craft an e-mail to a parent over a very awkward situation.
  3. How to tactfully avoid giving out your cell phone number.
  4. How to locate the source of a bad smell in your classroom…and also deal with that tactfully!
  5. How to find a balance between appropriate caution and unnecessary fear while discussing a lockdown drill.
  6. How to forgive your students and start fresh.  Every. Single. Day.
  7. How to catch a bully when you never see it happening.
  8. How to teach a line of students to stop in the hall on their own in order to let an adult pass.
  9. How to balance the needs of 53 little people with the responsibility of the two that actually belong to you.
  10. How to comfort a student that suddenly lost her father over the weekend…all while teaching the other 52 to do the same.

Christ, have mercy.


3 thoughts on “Ten Things I Didn’t Learn As An Education Major

  1. This is why we are all in this together. This is when we have to lean on each other. This is when we all need to listen a little bit more. This is when we only wish everyone out there understood what we do. This is why I am glad you are my friend.

  2. Can’t imagine how you handled #10. But children are usually pretty sympathetic and just require a little coaching on what to say to their friend. God bless you in all you do for those ‘little’ ones.

  3. Tracy, Thanks for adding me to your blog.  I love reading your stories especially when you punctuate like Every. Single. Day. Had a great time in the emergency room with you. Keep a happy face! Lee


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