Currently Chica

PBJ, ice cream, apples, carrots, dry Corn Flakes (who does that?!?), strawberries, mac & cheese, pumpkin seeds, and Wheat Thins.  Besides anything else dessert-ish, the above is really an exhaustive list of what she’ll willingly eat these days.  Oh…she’ll also eat a hot dog if you slice it once in both directions and put it on a hamburger bun.  Go figure.

Reading:  Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems.  You might recognize his name from the Pigeon or Knufflebunny books.  I had read a good review online for this series of beginning reader books, but I wasn’t able to find them last time I looked at the library.  Today we accidentally happened upon them, so I added two to our already bulging stack.

While Bubba and I hit the restroom, Chica started reading There is a Bird on Your Head.  By herself.  She kept on reading it aloud as we proceeded to the counter.  I was just a tiny bit disappointed that the checkout lady wasn’t nearly as amused as I was.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I forgot to get out my library card and just stood there giving Chica hints about the long a sound in the word making.  Just maybe.  Sorry, lady, there was a lot going on.  My kid was actually reading a book by choice, without help.  Hello!?!   Chica even exclaimed, “I’m really into this book!” on the way out the door.  Anyways, they are GREAT books.  Check them out.  Er….just not all of them so we can get a few more next week too, okay?

Singing:  She’d certainly rather make up a new song than sing anything else, but she’s usually willing to sing a few of the old favorites to keep Bubba happy.  I’m thankful for her.

Watching:  Today we rediscovered My Little Pony.  Ugh.  I was so glad to move past that and on to Wild Kratts.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Saying:    “My strawberries are tardy.”  She actually means tart, but boy, that is a cute mistake.  She also is currently taking any and every opportunity she can to point out honeysuckle or magnolia trees that we pass. Now we’re working on finding dogwoods* and weeping willows.

Playing:  Her neighbor friend came back from his family vacation today.  You can bet she’ll be over at his house playing as soon as she is allowed tomorrow.  While he was gone, I think her favorite play item so far this week has been the package of paper bag puppets I found her at a yard sale.  She loved looking at the picture directions and assembling them.  I sure got a whole lot of bang for that buck!

Learning:  To unlock the front door!  After one quick lesson from Daddy, she was ready to do it by herself.  Yippeee!  This means I can corral Bubba and carry the 17 random items that need to come in from the car each day without having to put everything down to unlock the door.  I can now just send her ahead while I find all 17 items and make our way to the house.  Tonight she said she would unlock the door for us every day, even her birthday.  Excellent.

So, what’s happening currently with you?

This post was inspired by Mama. Papa. Bubba. who was inspired by Sometimes Sweet who was inspired by MeganIsLove.  Pass it on.

*P.S.  Writing about the dogwood made me remember something funny Chica asked this week.  When I showed her a dogwood tree, I explained that it is our state tree and that the cardinal is our state bird.  Later she asked me if the cicada was our state bug.  Ha!


6 thoughts on “Currently Chica

      • Ah – thank you for explaining that – nope – can’t get her interested in peanut butter, but thankfully, she enjoys cashew nuts in their natural state! Mind you, mixed with jelly (jam in the UK) she might just go for it.

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