Currently Bubba

IMG_0119Eating:  String cheese, yogurt with added cereal, applesauce, ice cream of any flavor, an occasional strawberry, and Frosted Mini Wheats (if they are in anyone’s bowl but his).  He’s also into PBJ these days, but he usually manages to eat the peanut butter and jelly while leaving the bread.  It ain’t pretty.

Reading:  The Belly Book by Joe Harris.  I’m not tired of this book yet, which is a good thing because we read it multiple times a day.  I don’t have it memorized yet like I did the Belly Button Book, but we may be getting close.  A few other favorites are Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?, the Veggie Tales Away In a Manger, Bears on Wheels, and the old standby, Brown Bear, Bear, What Do You See?  I wish I could catch him on video one day while reading Brown Bear.  He’s hilarious.

Singing:  Happy Birthday to You.  Last night after dinner we sat at the table and sang Happy Birthday to everyone in our family in the order that their birthday falls in the year.  Here’s a little taste:

A few others he recognizes from this spring at school include Old McDonald, The Wheels on the Bus, ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Baby Bumblebee.  But “To You” is by far his most frequent request.  This will almost always work as a diversion during diaper changing.

Watching:  Momo.  (Translation:  Elmo)  I hate to admit it, but that fuzzy red guy has provided our family with more than a few moments of sanity this week.  I found myself too often saying, “Please just sit here and watch Momo for a few minutes while I _____________.”   How long before he cares that he’s watching the same 5 YouTube clips over and over?  If Chica’s any indication, it will be no time soon.

Saying:  Two words at a time!  Just today I noticed him saying, “Mo cheese,” and “Nana’s house.”  He also tries to copy Daddy and Chica by saying, “Boogie Woogie Sunshine,” but I think that’s one of those that only Mommy or Daddy would recognize.

Playing:  Today we went to a playgroup for the first time.  He tried the sandbox, and he was only cool with the idea once his shoes were off.  He also checked out a scooter and was pulled in a wagon by Sister.  The absolute best thing to play, however, has to be Chase Chica.  This game never gets old apparently.


This post was inspired by Mama. Papa. Bubba. who was inspired by Sometimes Sweet who was inspired by MeganIsLove.  I like how that works. 

If you happen to get inspired and write a currently post, leave your link as a comment….I’d love to read it!  I’m hoping for a Currently Chica (and maybe even a Currently Me!) post later this week.  Stay tuned.

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