Four Ballerinas

Four ballerinas
On a cold day–
Teacher says work,
But they want to play.

One short, one middle,
And two tall the same.
They might look sweet,
But they’re not all that tame.

They gripe and they grumble
And talk up a storm.
They’re here for fun,
Couldn’t care less about form.

Plié, tendu,
Second, and first,
Arms in high fifth?
That is the worst.

Don’t hang on the bar.
Don’t sit on the floor.
But if you say, “Don’t,”
They’ll just do it some more.

The mommas, they sit
In the next room and listen,
And catch a quick glimpse
From their hidden position.

They’re noisy, they’re ornery,
But, boy, ain’t they cute?
Prancing around–
Pink tights, and black suits

What’s that? 5:30?
I guess class is now done.
We’ll see you next week
For more dancing fun.


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