The Pink Stuff

A little over a week ago, Bubba’s eyes started oozing what looked like snot at an alarming rate. After waiting it out as long as possible, we finally ended up at the urgent care place where they told us it was, in fact, snot coming out of his eyes. Apparently babies’ sinuses aren’t fully developed, so that stuff has to go somewhere. We were sent home with a prescription for the pink stuff.

But see, here’s the problem. Our kid doesn’t do medicine. Only a week or two earlier we had seen the doctor over a digestion issue. I’ll spare you those particular details, mostly because one day Bubba will be 15, and I don’t want to give him some sort of complex for talking about his business…literally. I digressed for the sake of a pun. Sorry.

Anyway, they sent us home with another pink medicine for the stomach issue and told us he needed to take 9mL a day. So 9mL doesn’t look like much in a graduated cylinder in my fourth grade science class, but that is a whole heck of a lot of medicine to plunge down your kid’s throat. And this particular medicine even comes with a warning that pretty much says it tastes so bad you better try to hide it in food.

Well we tried that. First we tried milk. When he refused, I took a big ol’ swig to see what the big deal was. He was right, and I couldn’t blame it for not taking it. Next we tried halving the dose and mixing it in baked beans, spaghetti-o’s, or yogurt. No luck. The kid, to this day, will still not eat spaghetti-o’s because of that mean trick that we played on him.
Finally, despite all the warnings, we just went for the syringe to the throat. When every last drop of it came back out the same way it went in, we threw in the towel. We’d just have to find another way to solve his problem. This pink stuff wasn’t happening. So far FiberOne bars, yogurt, and applesauce seem to be doing the trick. : )

So when we got the prescription this week to solve the snotty eye problem, we braced ourselves for another fight. Thankfully it was for a much smaller dose, but I nonetheless decided that this was a Daddy job. I have a friend who talks about how certain chores are her domain or her husband’s domain. In our house Mommy’s domain includes bath time, kids’ clothes, and nightly backpack checks, for example. Daddy’s domain is pretty big, but I had confidence that his load could take one more task.

Jay’s tried all sorts of trickery since Wednesday to get those 2 mL down. My favorite is the make-you-laugh-and-shoot-you-when-your-mouth-is-open trick, but it only works so many times. He has also tried brute force, but the jaws of a determined 14 month old are way stronger than you would ever imagine.

This morning I think Jay was going the brute force route, and he got about half of it in there before it started coming back up. When he went back for round two, a very peculiar thing happened. Bubba opened his little baby bird mouth like he actually wanted it. I know Jay was expecting a trick, but there was none. Bubba just let Jay give it to him. A miracle.
Well tonight as I picked up 152 magnetic letters off the floor for the 43rd time this week already, I heard the following (one sided) conversation taking place in the kitchen,

“Ok Bubba. I’m going to give you your medicine now. Remember this morning, you liked it. Let’s do that again, ok? You just open your mouth, and I’ll put it in. See, it’s yummy!”

I was sure Bubba had planned some elaborate scheme….one time of taking it willingly would leave us with false hope that he would do the same again. But I was wrong. He took the whole thing again tonight. No fight. What the what?

So this has left me pondering tonight. What took us so long to realize that he likes the flavor of it, but he just hates either the element of surprise or force? How many other tasks do I approach like a battle that could just as easily be a choice?

How about you? Are you prepping for any battles that you don’t even really need to fight?


1 thought on “The Pink Stuff

  1. All of this from the kid who had to take her medicine hidden in Double Stuff Oreos…really.

    I think Tripp decided … Jay is the dominant force in the house … and that he wasn’t going to fight because he new there was no way he would win … when Daddy says so …

    unless Mom calls Bagel :o)

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