I Make Lists

The Only Things Bubba Won’t Throw Off His Tray
Spaghetti O’s
Mac & Cheese
Peanut Butter Captain Crunch (Thanks, Jay.)

Words I Think Bubba Said On Purpose Today

Fashion Advice I Received Before Tonight’s Event
Mother In Law–Wear the gold sweater.
Lori–Suck it up, and wear the heals.
Jay–Hurry up.


Accessories I Borrowed From Mother In Law For Tonight’s Event
Long, gold necklace
Matching earrings
A fancy watch that doesn’t work

Reason I Didn’t Wear Makeup Tonight
I couldn’t find it

Songs Stuck In My Head
Sweeter (Skip to 2:10)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Items Still On My Dresser
Box of band-aids
The tie to my robe
A bag of rocks
Almost empty tube of lotion
Jay’s Bible
A Tupperware container holding my jewelry
A top to some mysterious, missing tin

The Next Three Gifts On My List of 1000 (#22-25)
The kind of babysitter that makes you want to stay out a little later because you know your kid is having fun.
My students’ parents.

What I’m Praying For
More peace.

3 thoughts on “I Make Lists

  1. You can’t be getting rest if you are posting blogs @ 1:53 am. … and if I may say, with your natural beauty you don’t need make up!

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