Gifts #11-21

Tonight I am thankful for…

  • Chica’s ability to carry on a conversation with Bubba like no one else can. Last night it was done entirely in shrill screams across the dinner table.
  • A husband who has learned to carry on a meaningful conversation overtop of said screams.
  • Chica’s teacher who went way out of her way to help me today.
  • Bubba’s teacher who called to check on him when he stayed home sick earlier this week.
  • A doctor who called me back well after his office hours to address a concern, and didn’t rush my questions.
  • Chica’s way with words.  Tonight she actually said, “I’m just not up to snuff tonight,” and proceeded to give an exact definition.
  • Chica’s offer to help me.  At 8:30.  And again at 9:00.  And once again at 9:30.  Two glasses of water and a clean sink later, I think she’s in bed for good.
  • An unexpected conversation with a friend who reminds me so much of myself 10 years ago.
  • A boss who grieves and gives us space to grieve.
  • A classroom of 23 who didn’t ask why my eyes were red all day.
  • Friends who’ve been there and can just say, “I get it.” And you know they do.

4 thoughts on “Gifts #11-21

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