Twelve in 2012

I excused myself from baby duty and shut the door behind me so I could write.  I sincerely wanted to come up with something funny but insightful to ring in the New Year in my little corner of the blog world, but it still hasn’t come to me.

So I’ll just do a little recycling.  I actually rather like reading the recaps of the previous year in the newspaper each December.  There’s something about seeing the best moments and the worst moments and all the mediocre parts in between that helps put life into perspective.

As cliché as it may be, I offer you twelve lessons learned in 2012 as well as a post or two to go with each.

  1.  I am not a Pinterest mommy.  When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure in which direction to go.  At the time, I spent long hours nursing Bubba reading blogs from both tell-it-like-it-is mommies and Pinterest-worthy mommies. I tried my hand at one how-to post, but I consider it a major flop….mainly because I never followed through with my best laid plans.  That super cool box still sits waiting under the bench in my kitchen, hoping it will get more action next summer.
  2. My two children are two very different people.  Look no further than the first two pictures in this post for a perfect illustration.  Just today I was telling MIL again that she was indeed right…I didn’t know how good I had it with the first one.  Bubba seems to get into everything these days.  Maybe I’ve erased these hard parts from my memory of Chica’s toddler stage, but I just can’t remember her being like the tornado of terror that is Bubba.
  3. I need to write.  I need to write because sometimes it’s the only thing that makes me sit and listen.  But I also need to write because otherwise I would never remember the tiny little moments like these.  I laughed out loud again just now when I remembered Chica giving me the California Salute.  That memory would surely have been gone by now if I hadn’t written it down.
  4. I can’t write anything in five minutes.  I wanted so badly to participate in Five Minute Friday with other bloggers, but I can’t follow the rules.  Oh well.  At least I’ve shortened the time it takes me to produce a post worth publishing.  What used to take me two or three hours, I now try to crank out in under one.
  5. My kids are funny.  Life is messy and complicated and painful even, but it’s also funny.  It’s worth writing down the funny stuff to reread during the not-so-good parts.
  6. Joy was my word for 2012.  I found myself writing about it over and over.  I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know that I am more joyful than I was a year ago.  I have to remind myself every day to be sure my joy is rooted in Jesus.
  7. I learned that I have some major rearranging to do in my priorities.  I heard this challenge so loud and clear one morning before school, but I still struggle each day to make this happen.  I can say honestly that I have made some concrete steps to put my family before my job in the last few months of 2012.  There’s still a lot of rearranging to do though!
  8. Five minute of fame is just that…five minutes.  I was really caught by surprise when my story about getting a D in high school was Freshly Pressed.  For my non-blogger  readers, a friend compared it to, “an athlete being featured on ESPN or something.”  While I think that is quite an exaggeration, I did feel like I was living it up for a few days.  My WordPress annual report says that 3,690 people viewed this post in one day in July!  But life went back to normal in a few days, with my most faithful readers being my family and a handful of my friends.  And that’s just fine by me.
  9. This stage will end.  I’m reminded as I’m scrolling through my posts of how big of a deal that sleep (or lack of it) has been in the last few months.  But here’s the thing….Bubba went to bed tonight around 8:00 p.m., and unless I’ve now jinxed myself because I wrote this, he won’t wake up until at least 4 or 5 a.m.  And we didn’t really do anything different to make this happen.  He just finally grew out of his need to check in with us at midnight and 2 a.m. every night.  (Thank the Lord!)  So Chica will not be 16 and have to wear pull-ups to sleepovers, and Bubba will not be 5 and still throwing food on the floor when he’s done.  We will move past these stages.   It just takes time.
  10. But with the passing of the bad stages goes plenty of good ones too.  I’ve tried to step back and observe and record as many of those moments as possible, picturing what I’ll miss when they’re not so little any more.  Tonight I watched Bubba splash the bath water then laugh his giddy, old-lady smoker’s laugh at himself over and over.  This….I know I’ll miss this.
  11. Don’t let a one year old play with a full soda can.  Lesson learned.
  12. And finally, blogging is fun!  I wrote this at the end of my first post:

“I’ve contemplated starting a blog for a long time.  Today I’m giving it a whirl.  It may turn out like the A to Z list on my refrigerator, but I’ll never know unless I try.  I hope this will be a space where I can reflect on life as a wife, mother of two, teacher, and wisher.  I plan to write about my kairos moments and my not-so-kairos moments.  Come along for the ride.”

So, thanks to YOU for sticking with me this long.  Thanks for speaking up and commenting when one of my rambling ideas connects with you.  That’s what makes this so fun!  Happy New Year!

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5 thoughts on “Twelve in 2012

  1. I love reading your blog. As another mother of two, teacher, wife, woman of faith, and (sometimes) runner, your words speak to my heart every time I read them. Thanks so much!

  2. Very nicely done, and I commend you for balancing your mom-life and your creative life (with a generous portion of faith). I just started my blog a few weeks back and I am simply thrilled at the opportunity to write and be read (even if I don’t get paid).

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be following you.

  3. I love readying your blogs, Tracy. It is a reminder to me that as fast as life goes by, we need to stop and smell the roses, and cherish the memories. You do a wonderful job in writing it down so when you to back and read them, they can be vividly remembered. You need to write a book! Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2013! Cathy

  4. Tracy, your blog helps me remember things from Rachel and Rebecca’s younger days! Even though your kids are unique, some of the experiences are the same things we all go through. Also, it is so refreshing to read something that is coherently and grammatically well written. I am an inveterate proofreader and I like being able to read without finding mistakes! Keep up the good work.

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