That’s YOUR Kid

At least once a day Jay and I exclaim to each other, “That’s YOUR kid!”  Maybe all families do this, but it’s our way of saying, “Whatever that kid is doing right now, they definitely got that trait from YOU, not me!”

One of the most memorable of these moments lately was during Chica’s Christmas dance concert.  When they started the music for her dance, she recognized right away that it was the wrong song…and she didn’t hesitate let everyone know.  You can see her moment of glory around 23 seconds.

When her dance was over, Jay’s mom leaned over, pointed squarely at Jay, and said, “That’s YOUR daughter.”  I didn’t know him when he was that young, but I have no trouble imagining that as a kid, he would have been the one also quickly correcting adults when they made a mistake….especially related to music.  Without a doubt, Chica has inherited this need to get things right along with a keen ear for music from her daddy.

So in the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to gather a few more, “YOUR kid!” moments to share with you.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, but they’re the ones we could collectively remember to jot down last night on our ride home from Richmond.

That’s Jay’s Kid

  • Chica certainly gets her tenderheartedness from him.  Yesterday at Grandma’s house, we somehow got on the topic of Jazz, the dog we gave away to a new family over a year ago.  Chica commented how much she missed playing with Jazz then cried a few real tears for her.  “I just can’t make my tears go away,” she said oh-so-sincerely.  That’s her daddy’s girl, for sure.
  • Whenever I see either kid’s cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk from a bite of food that is three times too big for them, I make fun of Jay.  He eats in one bite what it would take me five or six to finish.
  • These days Bubba will do anything for a laugh, much like his daddy.  It’s so fun to watch his little sense of humor blossom.  His latest tactic is to stick his tongue out, wave his hands around, and make an, “Ahhh!!” wild-man noise.  Whatdayaknow, it works.  We laugh every time.

That’s My Kid

  • I’m happy to say that both of my kids can’t resist dancing when they hear music.  It usually ain’t pretty, but it’s from the heart….just like me.  : )
  • Chica’s a little bit obsessed these days with Spanish.  (She’s actually created her own language she calls “Kid Spanish,” but that’s a post for another day.)  I was that kid in high school that wound up taking three different languages at once.  Maybe she won’t go to those lengths, but I’m hoping her love for language doesn’t fade.
  • Jay says Chica gets her selective determination and focus from me.  Selective being the key word.  Chica was helping Nana make some peanut butter cookies before Christmas, and she was given the task of unwrapping all of the Hershey kisses.  Nana was doubtful that Chica would stick with it long enough to get the huge pile unwrapped, but Chica refused Nana’s offer to help.  Much to Nana’s surprise, she opened every last one of them.  The interesting thing, however, is that this focus fades for simple tasks like getting shoes on or finding a coat to wear.  I’m the same way.  I can stay focused for hours on a project that interests me, but other things, not so much.  Say cleaning, for example.
  • Speaking of cleaning, Jay also says both kids get their tidiness from me.  Don’t miss the sarcasm there, folks.   (Sarcasm…thankfully a trait neither has developed yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.)

There are a few gifts that they’ve inherited from both of us (like Chica’s ability to sleep through anything), but there are also a few characteristics that seem to be passed from further up the family tree.  Bubba has a sudden and intense fascination for animals like his papa.  Like her nana, Chica sees every stranger as just a friend that she hasn’t met yet. Chica has started multiple, eclectic collections of treasures like her grandpa, and she sees no problem in telling strangers her whole life story like Grandma.

So, what about your family?  I’d love to hear the latest “YOUR Kid” moment in your house.  Share it here!

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