Guest Post: Ideas From Bubba

It’s only 9:00, and I notice my mom’s already a little bleary-eyed. I heard her mumble something about three kids and no help and baby proofing, but I don’t really know what she means.

My mom’s a novice when it comes to entertaining me all day. Usually we have errands to run or jobs to finish on these family days, and I just go along for the ride whether I like it or not. But not today! We are at grandma’s house all day, and all we have to do is play. Yippee!

Mom says she doesn’t know what to do with me, which got me thinking that there are probably some more of you kids out there that have to help your moms and dads come up with ideas. So I’ve started a list. You (or they) can thank me later.

1. Knock down towers Mommy tries to build.
2. Pull all of the dish towels from the stove handle.
3. Drag the dish towels around the room, and pretend you are walking a dog.
4. Try to locate every expensive electronic in the house.
5. Ask everyone for a sip of their drink. Note: This is especially amusing if you refuse to drink from your own cup.
6. Follow your sister and cousin around and copy what they do.
7. Try to climb the stairs. This is pretty funny because it makes Grandpa so nervous.
8. You can also try playing a trick on Grandpa to make him think you borrowed one of the marbles from his collection. This will keep him busy all day looking for it. Hehe.
9. Refuse to play with any of your new Christmas toys. Parents love this.
10. Find a brick hearth to climb and practice your jumping.
11. Get in the shower. Hiding in the curtains is pretty entertaining.
12. Wrestle your mommy. Even she seems to think this is fun.
13. Play peek-a-boo in a doorway.
14. Find your grandma’s singing Christmas animals and make them all sing at once.
15. Dance. Lately I’ve been working on my own version of the disco move. This usually gets a laugh from the big people.
16. Try again to climb the stairs. I promise this never gets old.
17. Scavenge for leftover food under your high chair.
18. Make lots of snot and boogers and then refuse to let your mommy do anything about it. Just watch out, though, if your daddy gets involved. It’s pretty hard to win if they are double timing you.
19. Check all of the cabinets to see if anyone forgot to put back the rubber bands that they use to keep you out. If you are persistent, you can usually find one they missed.
20. And when all else fails…you guessed it…climb the stairs.

P.S. Please forgive me if this post looks weird or has any unintended autocorrects. I’m trying to teach Mommy how to use her new electronic device to make posts. I guess that could be number 21… Teach the adults how to use their new toys.


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