Still Claiming It

Today was a good day.

I left the house on time with no tears from anyone, self included.

In our before-school math club, a very unexpected little guy was the star.  Later I got to brag on him to another adult in the building.  He thought he was in trouble.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do with a little praise.

I had a “come to Jesus” meeting with about ten students about their upcoming report card grades.  I was expecting lots of huffing and puffing and I-turned-that-in’s.  Instead, for the most part, I got sincerely busy workers trying to repair their weeks of slacker-ness.

My little scientists finished up the last of their group presentations today.  After listening to the presentations, they asked each other questions like, “How did you keep the _____ constant?”   And, “Why do you think you got such a big increase on your second trial?”  They amaze me.  They’re in fourth grade.

Two students brought me Hot Tamales.  ‘Nuf said.

I got a compliment from an important person.

Jay made plans for us to do something fun after school tomorrow.  AND he worked out childcare.  Be still my heart.

I didn’t have to cook dinner.  Or clean it up.

A friend agreed to drive Chica home from choir practice, so Bubba and I got to come home early.  I sat in the floor and took deep breaths and just watched him play.  He paraded around in socks, a diaper, and Chica’s fuzzy pink coat.  Don’t tell Daddy.  Or Chica.

When she did get home, Chica and I read chapter 7 of Little House in the Big Woods.  We learned words like trough and yoke.  (Yes, Grandma, I did steal…er….borrow….this from your shelf last time we were there.  Sorry.)

Bubba went to sleep on the first try.

And it’s only nine, and my part of the dishes are done.


I realize I am in a different place than when I wrote Sunday night’s post.  All this claiming joy and my friends encouraging me and claiming it with me has helped.

But I think I’m just beginning to realize something else that I’ve been missing for so long.  These moments of my day worth remembering bring me happiness.  Though I can’t really explain it, I’m thinking this is different than joy.

Each of these things is fleeting.  Tomorrow my fourth graders may forget what a constant is, and my Hot Tamales will be gone by Saturday, and some of those sincere students will never turn in the stuff they promised.  If I count on these things to bring me joy, I will be floating in and out of it constantly.  I want a joy that is based on something solid and unchanging.

God, may my joy be firmly rooted in you, the only true constant.

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