Bed Inventory

I went in Chica’s room tonight in search of some pajamas.  The three beads and feather peaking out from under her covers caught my eye.  I wondered what else might be in that black hole that is her bed.  Upon inspection, here’s what I found:

Three tiny beads
A real feather
A pink jacket
A white sweater
A blue sweatshirt (And yet she can still never find a jacket when we are ready to leave the house)
A fireman backpack filled with board books and magnetic letters for her next “vacation”
A mermaid
A pair of clean, matching socks (Also, another thing we can never find)
An apron
A polka-dotted neck pillow she lifted from Nana’s house
A clothes hanger
Her princess Halloween costume
A Bug on the Rug, a homemade book by Mommy
A Sing-a-ma-jig
A used dryer sheet
A doll hair brush
The bathroom scale

Oh, and don’t forget two sheets, a comforter, and four pillows

HOW does this happen?

P.S.  Since taking this inventory, we have now added a sticker book and one clean girl in pajamas.  No, she hasn’t moved a thing, and I’m sure she’ll be asleep in no time, bathroom scale and all.


P.P.S.  (Sorry, I just had to.)  We finished a page in the sticker book, said our prayers, and got snugly under the covers.  When I went to turn out the light, however, she let out an urgent cry, “Mom!  I don’t have anything to sleep with!”  Ok….so add purple fairy to the list. What’s one more?

4 thoughts on “Bed Inventory

  1. That post called for a picture :o)
    Once again…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Go downstairs and inventory YOUR bed —
    Or reminisce about what your bed looked like at home or RMWC
    Only thing that may be saving you, is that you share it with Jay now. :o)

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