Exit Ticket

For my non-teacher buddies, you should know that an “exit ticket” is a name for a quick assignment you have to complete at the end of a lesson.  The purpose is to summarize what you’ve learned and help the teacher see where he or she should go next.  There are lots of different types of exit tickets, but here’s today’s….

3-Three things I’ve learned this week
2-Two moments to remember
1-Goal for the week to come

Three things I’ve learned this week….
1.  After the gas light comes on in our new van, I must drive directly to the gas station.  In my old car I could drive at least 2 more times back and forth to work.  In the van…not so much.  SO thankful I learned that the hard way on a day off and not a work day!

2.  One year olds should not play with full soda cans.  It’s quite funny to see Bubba carrying around the can, pretending to drink it, but that quiet little voice whispering that this might not be a good idea is actually right.  Man….the look on his face when we both figured that out was just priceless.

3.  When Bubba is stuck in his room by himself and mad, you can actually hear him screaming all the way from the street.  And the front door was closed.  That kid’s got some pipes!

Two moments to remember
1.  Last Friday my students and I were in the right place at the right time.  Read about it here.

2.  Girls only kickball games are the best.  I love to play kickball, but I usually don’t join in because it means less kids get to kick.  During our extra recess time today, my teaching partner made the boys sit on the curb and watch for a painstakingly long five minutes for being rowdy in the hall.  One team of girls was short a player or two, so I got drafted.  Hearing the boys’ comments over my home run kick somehow makes up for all those times I really stunk in my own fourth grade kickball games.

One goal for the week to come
1.  Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world.  Instead, be transformed by the renewing of my mind.  Repeat.  Apply.  Repeat.

So, how ’bout you?  Do you have time for your own 3-2-1?  I’d love to hear them!  Leave a comment!

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