Prepare to be amazed.  Or, at very least, pretend to be amazed.

Yep, that’s my luggage for an overnight trip.  What’s the big deal?  Notice:  no diaper bag.  I am actually away without my two little people.  That means I didn’t pack a single diaper.  No blankets, no little packs of snacks, no Barbies, no backup changes of clothes in preparation for a blow out.  Oh, and no one to (openly) make fun of my choice of luggage.  It’s just me, a change of clothes, a toothbrush, pillow, and sleeping bag.

Cue amazingly long sigh of peace, relief, and a very tiny amount of worry.

Jay has graciously agreed to stay home with Chica and Bubba so that I can attend this year’s Get Away.  He says he’s had both of them overnight by himself before, and he’s usually right when it comes to remembering things like that.  I just don’t remember this intense, strange feeling of freedom quite like I felt it last night.  Either way, I’m here, they’re there, and I’m eating it up.

Speaking of eating…can I just say that meal time without ANY kids is revolutionary?  I spend 2/3 of my life’s meals cutting things into tiny pieces, catching projectiles, trying to interpret very confusing baby signs, and begging people to eat.  The other 1/3 of my meals are woofed down while trying to keep 45 nine and ten year olds in their seat and to a mild roar.

So last night as I sat at dinner…and sat….and sat….I marveled at the novelty of not having to feed a single person around me.  And as I sat some more trying to decide what to have for dessert, there was no banging or throwing involved.  Call me crazy, but I think I’ve teared up now twice just writing about it.

Later last night, after worship and a conference, I walked outside to my car to head to our lodge.  I was struck, yet again, of the aloneness of it all.  I had no one to carry, no one to watch, no one waiting for me.  I walked very slowly.

In my real life, I am almost NEVER alone.  Yes, I know this is what I signed up for when I got married, made two babies, and became a teacher.  But I really consider myself a pretty extreme introvert who has learned to cope in an extroverted world.  So this, this being on my own time for almost 24 hours, is a massive, beautiful gift.

Tearing up again.  Sheesh.

Most Saturday mornings at 6:15 are reserved for family wrestling matches in our bed.  There’s lots of growling, tickling, and, “Don’t get too crazy,” reminders involved.  I spend 50% of that time enjoying it, and the other 55% of the time wishing for at least another hour of sleep.  (Mistake intended, Mom.)  But here I sit, 6:15 on this Saturday morning, typing, thinking, reading.


2 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. When I’m away for work, eating is always a sacred ritual. When I’m at home I love it, but there’s a novelty to eating with no one on your lap and eating while food is still hot. Though out of habit I still grab extra napkins and then because I feel so wasteful I shove them into my purse. Enjoy your time!

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