Caught Up

It’s been a week of catching up.

Thursday night Jay and I actually went out on a date.  Getting to catch up without having to pass a squirmy eleven month old back and forth is a rare treat.

Friday night brought a long awaited visit from a dear friend.  We determined it had been nearly two years since her last visit, and we attempted to make up for lost time with conversation well past both of our bedtimes.  Most people in the world make me tired.  Catching up with this friend actually makes my introverted self energized.

On Saturday my family graciously endured not one, but two trips to my alma mater.  In the morning we took a stroll through campus while my camera-happy friend snapped pictures of every fiery tree.   After she left, we returned in the afternoon for the Homecoming soccer game.  Going back always feels both familiar and foreign at the same exact time.

I wrote here about trying to grade papers during the week instead of on the weekend.  Surprising no one I’m sure, this didn’t last very long.  My new strategy is to spend Sunday afternoon in my secret hiding spot catching up on this most dreaded of tasks.  I spent about four fast and furious hours, and I got it all done in one sitting.  Phew.

Today was a teacher work day, and tomorrow marks the beginning of a new nine weeks.  (One of the best parts of teaching is that starting over feeling you get every few weeks.)  I spent much of my afternoon not just catching up but also planning ahead, a luxury I usually am not afforded time to accomplish.

And finally, this afternoon I attempted to catch up with my much neglected housework.  I emptied…count ‘em…seven different grocery bags lining the dining room that were left over from our recent travels.  Best part of the night?  Finding Bubba’s shoe.  When you only own one pair of shoes that fits, having both is pretty important.

Well….guess I should add blog to my list of things caught up now too.  Night!

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