A Potty Post

Tonight at church I had to do a tiny bit of problem solving.  I really had to use the bathroom, and everyone I knew was busy in some sort of meeting or class or practice.  Everyone, that is, except Bubba and I.  So, naturally, Bubba had to go with me.  Now that he is quite mobile, this was a bit of a challenge.  Our awkward dance around the room made me consider the various stages we’ve lived through already concerning restroom stops.  Am I the only one??

Too New  At first just the thought of bringing my clean, perfect bundle in to such a germy room kept him out of the bathroom all together.  I could either avoid having to go while out or leave him in Daddy’s care while taking care of business.

Car Seat  The bathroom avoidance stage was very short (especially with the second child) as I realized this just wasn’t practical.  So I strapped him in that seat and toted him anywhere, bathroom stall included.  I know it’s probably not PC, but we all head to the handicap stall when accompanied, right?

Hands Free  Round about the time that they start to hold their head up, they start to get a little heavy for toting around in the car seat all the time.  This is a good time to start baby wearing with your apparatus of choice.  Need a potty stop?   No problem….both hands are free!  Good to go.

Hip Toter  It seems I hit the point where he was too heavy to wear a lot sooner the second time around.  Maybe I’m just lazier, or he’s a lot squirmier…not sure.  Either way, I inevitably find myself in Walmart with Bubba on hip and no one to pass him to.  I must say I have perfected the very tricky art of buttoning my pants AND washing my hands with a baby slung under one arm.  It’s not pretty, but it can be done.

Stand Here  His twenty-two pound mobile self has now gotten too hard to wrangle in the under-arm position.  So lately we’ve tried the Stand-Real-Still-Right-Here-While-I-Go-Real-Fast method.  This is fine in the stall because I can keep one hand on him at all times, keeping him (mostly) off the floor.  While washing my hands, however, it’s a different story.  Tonight I used some sort of creative leg lock…worked pretty well, I guess.

So I know we have lots more stages to go.  There’s the Don’t Touch stage when every shiny thing and interesting texture inside a stall catches their attention.  And the Shhhhhhhh stage when they start to report oh-so-embarassing details for every other person in the room to hear.  That’s followed shortly by the painstakingly long process of potty training.  Ugh.  Oh, and there’s always that that awkward stage of being out with a parent of the opposite sex and trying to decide if the kid is old enough to head to the restroom on their own.   I think we’re there with Chica.

I almost forgot one…

I’ve definitely been cheered on….how about you?  : )  What other stages do I have to look forward to?


Caught Up

It’s been a week of catching up.

Thursday night Jay and I actually went out on a date.  Getting to catch up without having to pass a squirmy eleven month old back and forth is a rare treat.

Friday night brought a long awaited visit from a dear friend.  We determined it had been nearly two years since her last visit, and we attempted to make up for lost time with conversation well past both of our bedtimes.  Most people in the world make me tired.  Catching up with this friend actually makes my introverted self energized.

On Saturday my family graciously endured not one, but two trips to my alma mater.  In the morning we took a stroll through campus while my camera-happy friend snapped pictures of every fiery tree.   After she left, we returned in the afternoon for the Homecoming soccer game.  Going back always feels both familiar and foreign at the same exact time.

I wrote here about trying to grade papers during the week instead of on the weekend.  Surprising no one I’m sure, this didn’t last very long.  My new strategy is to spend Sunday afternoon in my secret hiding spot catching up on this most dreaded of tasks.  I spent about four fast and furious hours, and I got it all done in one sitting.  Phew.

Today was a teacher work day, and tomorrow marks the beginning of a new nine weeks.  (One of the best parts of teaching is that starting over feeling you get every few weeks.)  I spent much of my afternoon not just catching up but also planning ahead, a luxury I usually am not afforded time to accomplish.

And finally, this afternoon I attempted to catch up with my much neglected housework.  I emptied…count ‘em…seven different grocery bags lining the dining room that were left over from our recent travels.  Best part of the night?  Finding Bubba’s shoe.  When you only own one pair of shoes that fits, having both is pretty important.

Well….guess I should add blog to my list of things caught up now too.  Night!

Nothing and Something

I wonder if something really is better than nothing.  Lately all I’ve had is nothing.

In the past two weeks I’ve started a few posts and then decided that each was too boring or too whiny or too rambling before posting anything.  So here I am again, hoping that something will come of nothing.

I’ve hit that point in the school year where it starts to feel a bit hamster wheel-ish.  Here’s how it goes…

5:00 alarm.  Snooze.   5:09.  Snooze.  5:18.  5:27.  Ok….just one more….I promise.  Oh shoot.  Bubba’s awake.  Snoozing over.

We’re out the door by 7:30, mental list running of all the things I still have to do at school.   After lots of, “Hurry ups,” and, “I’m too busy to answer so many questions today,” it’s time to drop Chica off in the cafeteria.  I rush around trying to finish 27 things in the nine minutes I have left to myself.  Noticing either my panic or my exhaustion, three people stop me and ask me if everything is going okay.  Nothing’s really different from yesterday and the 20 days before, so, yep….just fine.  I’m making it.

There are occasional moments of brilliance at school, both on my part and theirs.  And most days I have at least one moment (or three or four) where I remind myself what a truly fantastic group of kids I have.  But then there are lots of moments in between where it’s hard or uninspired or disorganized or just not as good as it can be.   In those moments I make all kinds of promises myself to fix it tomorrow.  I’m still waiting for tomorrow to come, I guess.

At home it’s dinner, bath, and then bedtime.  I hit autopilot, and those hours…the ones that should be the best….just fly by.  I spend them thinking about all of the school work and house work I will accomplish when everyone is in bed, but then I get there and just can’t.  I’m too tired.  I tell myself I’ll work in the morning, but we know how that goes, right?  Snooze, snooze, snooze, Bubba…..too late.  Back in that hamster wheel.  Just keep moving.


So I’m still feeling like I’ve got a wholelotta nothing.  I’ve sat here for a long time figuring out if there’s a bigger point to this post.  It can’t be just that life is routine and blah and tiresome.  Actually, I even slept on it, hoping for a renewed perspective.  Here’s the best I’ve got…

Writing a blog is fun.  You get to pick out the funny or dramatic or pathetic moments you live and embellish them until they are worth reading about.  But then there are all the other moments in between.  If all you read (or write) about are the way ups or the way downs, the picture starts to get a little skewed.  So here I am saying that sometimes life is just normal, and you have to keep moving waiting for that next highlight.  And I’m learning to be okay with that.

Ok.  Bubba’s up.  Back on the wheel…