Dreams Come True

Chica’s nana has one of those jobs where she has to make conversation with her clients all day to fill the silent space.  I would be miserable at this type of job, but she’s pretty excellent at it.  People are her thing.

I’ve come to learn that there is a bit of strategy involve in the art of making small talk with lots of people every week.  She collects a few good stories and then just tells them over and over until the next good one comes along.  Chica regularly provides excellent story telling material for Nana, and I think this snapshot yesterday is no exception…

Nana called at the very last minute last night and invited Chica to spend the night with her.  When Chica came out of choir last night, we told her the good news.

“Oh, my dream has come true!” she exclaimed in her most glorious, dramatic way.  You have to picture it complete with eyes squinted, fists pumping, and lots of twirling.  “I can’t believe it!  My dream has come true!  Yes!”

Well, Daddy of course had to join in the action.  “My dream has come true too…I don’t have to pack your lunch!”  He avoided the twirling, I think, but looked just like her in all other ways.

The excitement was infectious, and I couldn’t hold back.  “My dream has come true too!!  I’ll have a few moments of quiet in the morning at school.   Yes!”

Doesn’t take much in the Proffitt house to get us excited.  I hope a dream or two of yours came true today too.


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