Dear Boy With the Green Shorts

Dear Boy With the Green Shorts,

I saw you today jogging shirtless down Rivermont Avenue.  I had just dropped Bubba off at his school, so that means it was about 7:40.  There you were huffing it down the sidewalk looking just like a 25 year old training for the Ten Miler, except you looked about seven, and it was a school morning.

I’ve thought about you off and on all day.  I’ve replayed that look on your face as you passed me, but I just can’t place it.  Fear?  Shame?   Worry?  Freedom?   I still don’t know.  By the time my brain put together enough pieces of the puzzle to realize something wasn’t quite right with the picture, all I could see of you was your back buzzing by me with your shoulder blades sticking out at right angles.

You saw the guy walking toward us at about the same time I did.  I didn’t recognize him, but I could tell by the way you slowed that you did.  He also realized the peculiarity of your early morning jaunt, but his facial expression suggested your explanation didn’t make much sense.   When he began to escort you across the street and probably toward home, I felt mostly relieved.  Now I didn’t have to spend my morning or my day feeling guilty for not finding out why you weren’t home getting dressed for school.  Something about being a mom and a teacher makes me just feel obligated, you know?

So tell me, did you miss your bus?  Were you late, or did you end up just staying home all day?  In case you don’t have your note ready for your teacher tomorrow, I went ahead and wrote one for you.   Don’t forget it…they’re getting serious about the notes these days, okay?

Dear Green Shorts Boy’s Teacher,

Please excuse Green Shorts Boy for his absence on 9/5/12.  I know you rolled your eyes and clucked your teeth over a non-health related absence on the third week of school, but I can vouch it wasn’t his fault.  Please love him and forgive him and remind him that school is a safe and mostly calm place…no need to be on the run here.  Remember that learning those site words is plenty important, but that needs like clothes and supervision and safety trump your objectives for the day.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

A Concerned Mom & Teacher

I hope tomorrow starts off on a much better foot for you, Bud.  If not, you’ll find me right about 7:40 in the same place again tomorrow, ready to ask you where you are running from and to.

Chica & Bubba’s Mom


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