Things I’m Really Good At

A friend of mine joked today that she should add moving to her list of skills on her résumé.  I’ve lost count of how many times she’s had to move her classroom since I’ve been at the school.  This got me wondering what other special abilities I could add to my résumé, should I ever need it.  I’m staring a list here…

Things I’m Really Good At
Pity parties—Another day I wrote about bribing myself with ice cream to finish the dishes.  Tonight I was feeling so pouty about this most despised job, I had to have the ice cream first.
Sleeping—If there was some sort of competition, I could so go pro.
Procrastination—What do you think I’m doing right now?
Thinking on my feet—That’s what I get for being so good at procrastinating.
Delegating—Don’t tell anyone, but perfecting your delegation skills can also lead to high proficiencies in laziness.
Coming up with original ideas—Jay said I should add this one.
Making other people feel like excellent housekeepers—You know those houses you walk into and can let out a big sigh because they’re even worse at keeping house than you?  Yeah, that’s mine.
Lists—I’m especially good at making lists of:
1.  Things that need to be done at home
2.  Things that need to be done at school
Humility—This is truly one of my best traits.
Ending sentences with prepositions—Yeah, that was just the only other thing I could think of.

3 thoughts on “Things I’m Really Good At

  1. Tracy…one thing that I am NOT so good at but LOVE to do is read out loud. It drives Al nuts! It is becoming a regular occurrence in our house for me to read your blog to Al. Your words and his laughter fill me with great joy!

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