She Knows No Fear

One good thing about school starting back is that Chica and Bubba get worn out during the day.  Both are in bed sleeping soundly, and it’s not even 9:30.  Life is good.

I would love to give you all of the details and funny stories about our first two days back at school for our family, but for now I just have time for a picture and a few highlights.

If you had peeked into my room at 3:45 today, you would have seen my fourth graders lounging on my rug observing our frogs.  They were happily discussing what to name them.  The best idea by far was Sweet Frog and Sour Frog, but I’m still going to let them vote tomorrow.

But look again.  There’s Chica squeezed in at the bottom, thinking she’s nine years old too.  Two of my delightful students have graciously offered to fetch her from her Pre-K class downstairs at the end of the day.  Today when we tried this arrangement for the first time without any real warning, she didn’t skip a beat.  She saw everyone crowded on the floor, and she shimmied her way right on in.  She knows no fear, and I think I love that about her.

On the first day when I dropped her off at the breakfast table, she didn’t look back, didn’t even hear me say goodbye.  It was me who stood there for an extra second, trying to convince myself there was no need for the tears.  I wish I was as brave as her when it comes to new people and new places.

One girl brought me a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies today.  Her mom wrote a note thanking me for helping her daughter feel welcomed to a new school.  A note or cookies by themselves would have been sweet.  Both?  Just awesome.

We have been asked to eat lunch with our kids this year.  As much as I miss sitting with my own friends during that time, I am choosing to view this as time I can use to build relationships with my students.  School friends, please just remind me of this when you see me at 11:24 ready to pull my hair out each day, k?

Want to know the most time saving ten minutes I spent this week?  Monday morning we were all ready to go but couldn’t leave yet because Bubba couldn’t be at school before 7:30.  I used that time to fold Chica’s laundry and match up shorts with coordinating shirts.  I’m sure this is what all organized moms in the world do, but I have just come to the full realization of just how fantastic this strategy can be.  I tell her, “Go get dressed,” and about five minutes later, she emerges finished from head to toe.  She’s allowed to add her creative touch with the socks, but at least the top and bottom will match.  Now we can avoid the question she got frequently in preschool:  “Ohhh….did Daddy dress you today?”   : )

I’m not sure how to end this rambling post, other than to say that the randomness of these thoughts is indicative of the craziness going on inside my head right now.  I actually love going back to school, and I’ve been blessed with a few moments this week already that help to confirm that I’m where I am called to be.  But the pace is quite a shock to my system after the months off.  I’m looking forward to the days when it feels more like a marathon than a sprint.


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