Our Day in Numbers

1  The number of flying blue My Little Ponies rescued from the post office.  It’s also the number of genuinely thankful four year olds.

$1.75  The amount of money we spent on today’s yard sale adventure.  So worth it.

2.4 and 31  The number of miles and minutes I ran in my brand new running shoes this morning.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

3  The number of cupcakes I bought from here in attempt to knock one more thing off of my summer bucket list.

3.5  The amount of teeth I see when Bubba grins at me.

 The number of times I thought, “What a bizarre sport!” while watching Olympic race walking.

 The number of empty water bottles sitting within arm’s reach of the chair where I nurse Bubba.  And yet I sit here typing wishing somebody would bring me another one.

 The number of Chica’s old Facebook videos Jay and I watched while marveling at just how much, yet how little, she has changed.

9  The number of empty Hot Tamales boxes I found as I sorted the recycling.  All mine.

18  The number of Cheerios and bite size pieces of food littered in and around the highchair after lunch.

34  The number of times Bubba must have squealed his eardrum piercing squeal while we were eating.  I hope we’re over this stage soon.

57  The number of times I’ve probably checked Facebook, WordPress, and e-mail already today.  Embarrassing.

250  The important number in a funny story Jay told me this morning about a parent of one of my students.  Ask him…it’s a good one.

Not enough.  The number of times I thanked the Provider for each of these blessings.

Image:  numbers © procsilas | Flickr Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Our Day in Numbers

  1. $1.75 — and you thought the tutu purchase last weekend was out there :o)
    2.4 and 31 — good job! proud of you! Welcome!
    3 — I want one too! Should have been 4! Hope you shared and didn’t eat them all.
    6 — I think those things procreate at your house.
    9 — You only had that many because you had a birthday and everyone knows how much you like them.
    34 — Me too. I can never tell if it’s a happy sound or unhappy sound—unless I can see his face.
    57 — Close to the number of times a day I check for a Chica & Bubba post…I’m addicted…sort of like watching Good Morning America :o)
    250 — Please offer Jay another guest post and let him write us about it.

    Thank you Lord, for each of these and all our blessings!

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