Five Minute Friday: Connect

Today if I had carried my camera, my picture of the day would have been Chica’s Man-You-Are-Cool-Mom smile while putting stamps on postcards at the post office.  I didn’t carry my camera, however, because I was too concerned with getting five different errands accomplished on my last “free” Friday before I start back to school.  Guess I had forgotten what I wrote about here.

On our fourth stop for the morning, I told Chica we had to buy some stamps at the post office.  She, of course, asked what the post office was and why we needed to buy stamps there.  It sort of cracked me up (but didn’t surprise me at all) that she didn’t know about either.  When was the last time I actually mailed something that didn’t come with a “No Postage Necessary” mark?  No idea.

So after I purchased my $26.00 worth of stamps (ouch!), we headed back out to the lobby area to start sticking.  “Where are the stamps?” she asked.  I almost let her have it for asking questions that she knew the answer to, but then I realized she was expecting the rubberstamp kind.  Ha.

I sorted out my letters and postcards to be stamped, and handed her the postcard pile.  I showed her where to put them and how to watch out for the direction the stamps were going.  She quickly got to work while Bubba and I did the same with the envelope pile.

So I should have known it was coming when I gave her a pile that was twice as big as mine.  I finished my eight or so cards, and I began peeling off four postcard stamps at a time to help her get her pile done.  Not acceptable, Mom!  Those were hers, and she informed me that she intended to finish them.

To my credit, I had enough clarity of mind to realize that convincing her to let me help her was a not a battle that was really worth fighting.  Besides hungry bellies, we didn’t really have any deadlines today.  On the other hand, I probably used the words hurry up or quickly at least 16 times during the duration of the three minute project.  Sheesh.

So as I stood there spewing off my speed it up mantra, I was trying, at the same time, to tell myself to just chill.  Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday word, connect, came to mind.  Sure, we were making real world useful learning connections like, “How does mail actually make it to my mailbox everyday?”  But more importantly, we were making a tiny memory that would connect us.  I’m sure I’ll hear her say two or three months from now, “Member that time I put all those stamps on your green and yellow cards?”  Yes, Chica, I do ‘member.  (And I ‘member how I wanted to do the last fifteen for you, but the Jesus growing in me helped me to choose to connect instead.)

Oh, and tomorrow I’m hoping we’ll be able to make a reconnection.  You see, lately a flying blue My Little Pony has replaced Barbie as the toy of choice.  She accompanied Chica on all permitted errands today, including the post office.  Apparently My Little Pony got distracted by the stamps, mail slots, and P.O. boxes because she didn’t hear me when I said it was time to go.  We didn’t realize she was left behind until we were clear on the other side of town, so she is spending the night in the post office tonight.  Here’s to hoping that some mom or dad who works at the post office will have spotted her today.  Hopefully they’ll make the connection that any toy that winds up in the post office must be dearly loved and put her in safe keeping to be rescued tomorrow.

Linking up with Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday: Connect.  I…again…didn’t stick to the five minute limit.  Guess I need to give myself the hurry up speech sometimes too, huh?

Five Minute Friday

Image:  US MAIL © wayne’s eye view | Flickr Creative Commons


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Connect

  1. Hopped over from the link-up-way to to connect in the moment! I’ve been struggling with remembering to do that lately and it’s so good to see someone else catching themselves too. Your little chica has a good mama on her side!

  2. Like Kristi, I connected to your blog from the link-up as well. LisaJo is a great way to find that connection, and your focus on the innately mundane of your everyday life is a great way to remind us all that not only do we need to find the “big” connections, but the “little” connections are important too.

    Hope you find Chica’s My Little Pony tomorrow!

    • Innately mundane…that’s exactly what I like to write about! : ) Thanks for visiting and commenting. Luckily the (somewhat grumpy) lady at the post office had mercy on us. Pony was rescued & Chica is happy!

  3. Poor pony :o(
    You know, every time we notice how amazing that little girl is…it’s because she’s being grown up that way by her amazing parents.
    Thanks for 5 minutes on this Friday!

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