Thirty Moments

In celebration of my thirtieth birthday today, I decided to try to collect thirty funny moments from my little family to share with you.  It turns out that Chica is really the only funny one in the family, so all of the following quotes are from her. My commentary has been added in italics below when necessary so you can enjoy the full hilarity of a day in our house.

1.  “I have a lot of snot.  I’m squeezing my nose so I can get it all out.”

2.  “Trucks don’t have ankle bones.”

3.  To me, “Do you know he has one top tooth?”  To Bubba, “You’re really special, Bubba.”

4.  “Can you turn the light off so it can be a movie feeter?”

5.  “My left foot is doing something, and my right foot is doing the same thing.  My left foot doesn’t want my right foot to do the same thing.  What should they do?”  (This is starting to sound like some kind of parable…??)

6.  I suggested her right foot should play Barbies.  She replied, “My right foot doesn’t like to play Barbies.  It’s a boy.”  Next I suggested it should go outside, to which she offered, “It doesn’t like to play outside. It’s gonna get too lazy.”  (I can’t win.)

7.  While snuggling her brother she commented, “He’s so squeezy!”

8.  “Everything is art.”  (Deep, Chica, deep.)

9.  While admiring the patrons in the bank she said, “Most people have great heads.”

10.  “Wouldn’t it be fun if we made a big….giant… humongous…. (I never know quite what to expect after a build up like this)………ice cube??  We could get colored water and put it in a seashell and put it in the freezer.”

11.  “I just like to wiggle a lot.”  (Really?  I never would have guessed!)
12.  “Teasin’ you funny, Mom.”  (This is her attempt to save herself after she’s said something that was a little over the line.  Usually it works.)
13.  After Jay beat a level on his iPad game, she said, “Good job, Dad!  I like that of you.”
Yeah…so….thirty is a whole bunch.  She said plenty more funny things, but I couldn’t write them all down because my hands were full holding a certain someone.  I was going to save my list and add on to it tomorrow, but she gave me such great material during bedtime that I had to use it.  This last one is worth way more than just one entry.

14. through 30.  A few minutes after he put her to bed, Chica got out of bed and tiptoed downstairs to find Jay and says, “I need to talk to you about girls.”


“Why do girls…..well….…boys don’t have….wellllllllll….why do girls have…..”

You can only imagine the question he thought was coming.  He was about to say, “Go ask your mom,” when she finally came out with…

“Why don’t girls always have to wear socks to church?”


Thanks, Chica, for a funny end to an excellent birthday.  I love teasin’ you funny!

© Will Clayton | Flickr Creative Commons
SILVER SLIPPERS © Tobyotter | Flickr Creative Commons

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