Slow Down. Be Still.

There are less than two weeks until I go back to school and three weeks until the students start.  My heart rate raises a few beats just thinking it….and a few more putting it into writing.

I feel so tempted to count my summer as over.  My planning, worrying, people-impressing self says I need to be getting ready for the school year now.  I should be organizing my classroom, scouring Pinterest for back to school ideas, and figuring out what happened to Pluto so I can be ready to teach about the planets.

The truth is that I have tried already.  Yesterday I took Chica to play with her friends at her old school, and I enlisted a few of my friends to help me get started on the disaster area that is my new room.  Bubba had to come with us, and he made it completely clear that he wasn’t satisfied unless I was holding him.  We made some major progress, but there is an embarrassingly huge amount of stuff still left to be done.

But at the same time that my heart rate rises, I seem to be hearing a small voice telling me to be still.

Slow down.  School hasn’t started, and the summer is not over.  No need to mourn it now.  EnJOY the time with your sweet family that you have left before the busyness of school takes over.

I’ve been blessed with some slow moments this week already.

Yesterday I took Chica and Bubba to the park while Jay did the grocery shopping.  After swinging, sliding, and pretending, we were headed home for what was sounding like a potty emergency.  It turned out to be a false alarm (I’ll spare you the explanation I was given), so we wandered back into the park a second time.  Chica had The Colors of the Wind tune stuck in her head, and she just stood under a tree singing, making up words for what she couldn’t remember.  We discovered these really funky seed pods and enjoyed popping them open together, one after another.  Nowhere to go, nothing we had to do.  Just plopped down in the middle of a field being together.  Slow.  Still even.

Today we had a repeat of the hike we took at the beginning of the summer.  The whole time she kept asking me, “Member this?” when she’d see something that triggered a memory from our first trip.  On the way back, she got distracted by a sandy patch of ground, of all things.  She must have sat there for nearly ten minutes just drawing designs in the sand with her fingers.  If you had seen her you might have thought either A) She must be a nature deprived child to be that enthralled with dirt or B) You’re definitely going to have to cut those nails tonight!  One part of me wanted to hurry her up.  We had planned a library trip and swim after what was supposed to be a quick hike.  That small voice, however, reminded me it was okay to just be still, so I let her be.

I’ve had my fair share of still and slow moments with Bubba lately too.  I’ve finally decided, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  If I can’t get him to nap in his own bed, but he will sleep in my arms in the recliner, then…well…why not?  Both Sunday and today I took those opportunities to nap, something I rarely do.  Today instead of thinking of all the things I could’ve or should’ve been doing, I tried to think about how much I will miss snuggling his hot-potato self when he’s fourteen (or even four maybe).

I’m hoping these next two weeks will be slow, filled with many more still moments.  Even more, I’m hoping I can carry a little of the stillness into the school year.


3 thoughts on “Slow Down. Be Still.

  1. Seeing those sweet little fingers in the dirt? Completely calming to me. Of course, when mine were that little, I’m not sure I would’ve had the wisdom to just sit and watch. Thank you for this moment.

    And as for carrying the stillness into the classroom? Yep. I’m seeing it. God, doing a big work in you, maybe in part through this writing…

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