Member That Time

Walking through Wal-mart last week we happened upon a giant display of pistachios.  After asking us what they were called, Chica continued, “Member that time I ate those in the backyard by the sliding board?”

Since we don’t have a sliding board in the backyard, and I didn’t remember giving her any pistachios, I of course had no idea what she was talking about.  “Nope, I don’t member.”  The sincerity of which she said it, though, made me know that it was a real memory for her.  Jay didn’t remember giving her pistachios either, so I began playing 20 questions until I could figure out just what memory had all of the sudden resurfaced.  “Who was with you?  Who gave them to you?  What else did you do there?”  After some in depth detective questioning, it turns out she was talking about our church camping trip a few months ago.  What a wacky little thing for her brain to remember, huh?

Those kinds of conversations are always happening with Chica.  She randomly comes up with something, and Jay and I look at each other dumbfounded.  How did she remember that?!?   Like the name of a friend’s son that she hasn’t seen in four months and didn’t play with for more than four hours.  Or the name of the cashier at Yogurt Yetis.  Or the outfit she wore to a particular place two months ago.   This memory thing is all the more curious and a bit frustrating when she can’t remember where she put her shoes five minutes ago.   (I guess I don’t have any room to talk really!)

So this week while on vacation I’ve been pondering just what she might remember from our trip six months, a year, or even twenty years later.  Will she remember any of it?  Will her memories be of the teeny tiny details or the big picture relaxing feeling of it all?  Will she remember only the things she sees in our pictures from the week, or will there be memories that are all her own?

I collected a few memories of my own today.  I rarely have those bizarre memory moments like Chica does, so writing them down is probably my only chance of ever recalling them again.  Maybe one day I’ll get to ask her…

*Member that time your Grandma and I decided we were going to break your brother of his habit of needing to nurse to sleep?  We put him in the bed and went outside to swim so we wouldn’t have to listen to him scream.  He gave up exactly one hour and seven minutes later.  Mommy winned.   (You were still working on the correct past tense of verbs.)

*Member that time you were obsessed with the Cinderella story?  You had to have a dress to wear to the ball, but your only dress up dress was in the room where your brother was sleeping.  Your grandma gave you her shirt to wear, and you obliged.  The rest of the day you played around the house wearing only Grandma’s sleeveless pink shirt and your shiny pink high healed sandals.   Really….only the shirt and the shoes.  : )

*Member that time you slept in the closet?  The room we were using had a big open closet, and we convinced you it would be like sleeping in your own secret hideout.  You totally bought it.  You’ve never been more excited to go to bed!

Well, time for me to head to bed.  Looking forward to another busy day of making more memories tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “Member That Time

  1. Loved this edition of your blog. I wondered what you remember from the Earley family vacations at Fairview Beach on the Potomac River.

  2. Do you remember that time I hung out with you in the ‘Burg before Brooke’s wedding? Jay was coming home from a trip. I went to Sunday school with you. We hung out at their house and I learned to play Floaters with you guys and Justin.

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