Dear Bubba

Dear Bubba,

Today as I dipped your chubby little toes down into the cold Otter Creek, I wondered if you will always enjoy being outside as much as you do now.

Before lunch I watched Sister snatch a toy from your hands.  I got more upset about it than you did.  I wondered if you will always be friends like you are today.

In the car I noticed your sweaty head and fair skin, both inherited from your daddy.  I wondered in what other ways you will be like him.  I hope you get his sense of humor and helpful spirit.

This afternoon when Chica yelled, “We’re home,” and you promptly woke up, I wondered if you will always be a light sleeper.  Apparently you didn’t get the sleep-through-anything gene from me like your sister did.

After a nap I watched you giggle and squeal in the Johnny Jump Up.  I wondered if your obsession with jumping and standing are a hint of your athleticism.

Before dinner when I handed you a huge cooking spoon to keep you happy, I wondered about your recent fascination with kitchen utensils.  Maybe you’ll teach your future wife to cook and love new foods just like your daddy did for me.

While I was cleaning up dinner, I sang you some funny little song.  You flapped your arms with delight like you were preparing for takeoff.  I wondered if music would one day become a love of yours.

Tonight as I let you crawl around and eat the Cheerios off the kitchen floor, I wondered…well, I guess I didn’t really wonder anything.  I just congratulated myself for having a clean floor for the first time in months and felt a twinge of pride in the strong immune system I am helping you develop.

I love you,


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