Summer Day #32: Mist, Barbie Princess, and Planks

I have come to accept this sad fact:  I just can’t compete with the Barbie princess movie.

This was to be a perfect day.  Thanks to Jay, I got to sleep in until 8 a.m.  Highs were finally dipping into the frigid 80s so we could play outside.  The only must-do item on my to-do list was catching up on four days of Bible Study… that I’ve had two weeks to complete.  The topic was becoming more disciplined.  Hmm.  Almost as good last time when I fell asleep reading the chapter about being worn out.  Anyway, I planned to fill the rest of my day with lots of fun projects with Chica.

My first idea seemed to rate about a 7 out of 10 on the fun scale for her.  She painted with colored ice cubes and used a squirt bottle to melt three big ice blocks.  Her biggest “aha” moment was learning the word mist and finding out that we can change the way the water flows out of the bottle.  We misted each other, rubbed our feet against the ice blocks, and spied on an inch worm until Bubba had had enough.  I left Chica outside playing while Bubba and I came inside to work on a nap.

Let’s just say my cool-mom points for the day ended right there.  No matter what I suggested after that, she just wasn’t interested.  Project?  No.  Craft?  No.  Game?  No.  Puzzle?  No.  “I just wanna watch a mooooovieeeee.”  Not just any movie….the Barbie princess movie.  Blech.

I should have just gone with it.  A few hours (or a day) to veg never hurt anybody.  It would have bought me some more time to either clean the house or play with Bubba.  But instead I got an attitude.  A major ‘tude.  I kept my pout on way longer than necessary today.

I’ve been trying to figure out what that was all about.  My latest conclusion is that the very things that make me crazy about Chica are things that I dislike the most in myself too.  I get cranky when all she wants to do is watch movies, but I also hate that I waste so much time in front of the computer screen.  I wish she’d eat more healthfully, but I’ve sat here munching on junk food the whole time I’ve been writing.  I cringe when I watch her get all pouty and moody when her neighbor friend doesn’t want to play the same game as her, yet I did the exact same thing today.  Sounds like a case of the plank and the speck to me.

So tonight during our Bible study about discipline, one wise woman reminded us that God’s mercies are made new every morning.  What a relief.  I made a mess of this day, but thankfully I get another go at it tomorrow.

Now if we could only accidentally lose Barbie princess….


2 thoughts on “Summer Day #32: Mist, Barbie Princess, and Planks

  1. Chill mama … tudes hurt you way more than they bother the baby girl …
    I would add, the apples don’t fall far from the trees … that’s been holding true for 4 generations now :o)
    Love you much! xox

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