The Baby Slide…and other things I said I’d never do

My mother-in-law routinely liked to tease me that, “Your first baby is not preparing you well for the second one.”  I laughed it off and just credited this as a compliment.  Chica was a nearly perfect baby.  She fell fast asleep minutes after her head hit the mattress.  She ate all kinds of foods willingly including avocado, asparagus, and tofu.  She rarely fussed and was content in the company of strangers.  Delightful.

Bubba…not so much.  He seems to be allergic to taking naps in his bed.  He all but refuses to eat anything….I mean anything…. mashed up on a spoon.  He’s just starting to show signs of clingyness for mommy.  MIL was right.

Instead of reading more baby books and trying to break him of these habits, I’ve just given in.  Some days it just comes down to survival.  Still breathing?  Check.  Not bleeding?  Check.  Still have ten fingers and ten toes?  Check.  Did you eat something that was in fact intended to be food?  Check.  Well….then we passed.  Keep it up Mamma.

Here’s my top three list of things I said I’d never do…

1.  The Baby Slide–You know, nurse the baby to sleep while lying down in my own bed then slide out ever so carefully, praying the whole time that he won’t wake.  With Chica I was all about never nursing her to sleep.  We stuck strictly to the nurse-play-sleep routine.  With Bubba it’s more like a nurse-play-nurse-nurse-nurse-sleep routine.

2.  Nothing But the Best Foods–Chica got all fresh foods pureed and frozen.  She had quite an impressive palate as a one year old, but today she would still prefer to eat mac and cheese for all 21 meals of a week.  Still waiting for all that work to pay off.  This week I fed Bubba french fries while I dined on a humongous sandwich at Johnny Rocket’s.  Yeah, I’m not sure Chica had those before three.

3.  TV Babysitter–Sometimes a girl’s just gotta take a shower.  Enough said.

I know there are plenty more, but I have to go take advantage of nap time while I’ve got it.  The Baby Slide worked this time….but I’m sure not for long.


6 thoughts on “The Baby Slide…and other things I said I’d never do

  1. Had to laugh out loud when I read this! It is so true, the second one can put a sucker in her mouth off the floor and it’s fine…the first one didn’t even know what a sucker was….

  2. :o) Did not realize how much the two look alike until you put those 2 pictures together :o) I actually hesitated that the first picture was him until I realized there were too many teeth. xo

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